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bin/  3127  7 months  myon  Add some quoting
bug-summaries/  2738  2 years  geissert  /org -> /srv
carnivore/  2977  18 months  bartm  Adding Neil Williams to the names to not merge. Closes: #706260.
cgi-bin/  3261  6 weeks  pabs  Link to the Debian portfolio service too
contrib/  2738  2 years  geissert  /org -> /srv
data/  3274  2 hours  brlink  change MAILTO= in bls cronjobs to MAILTO+= The cronjobs have been silent so far…
ddpo/  3171  4 months  myon  Add some .nobackup files in files that don't need backup
dose/  3273  29 hours  treinen  dose : temparily disable writing of the final weather report
etc/  3249  8 weeks  lucas  Add Location for vcswatch to export it to UDD
home/  3126  7 months  myon  Add new push key from glinka.d.o
mail/  3146  5 months  pabs  Fix my address in the cron-error alias
mia/  3077  12 months  pabs  wheezy upgrade: more python-apt API changes
mole/  3253  7 weeks  myon  Remove volatile.debian.org
popcon-graphs/  3200  4 months  myon  Cluster popcon data
pts/  3270  11 days  pabs  New policy version
web/  3055  15 months  bartm  removing uploadwatch
wml/  3267  5 weeks  pabs  Correct URLs to ci.debian.net again (Closes: #762716)
README  3029  16 months  pabs  Link to the new locations for the SVN repository.


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bzr:revision-id:v3-trunk0 1570 dato@net.com.org.es-20070728213045-gwwjbp8qijfmdvy3
bzr:revision-info timestamp: Sat 2007-07-28 23:30:45.265000105 +0200 committer: Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> properties: branch-nick: bzr
svn:ignore .da-backup.trace lock ls-lRA mbox web

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