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2 --------------------------------------------------------------------
3 Joachim Breitner (1) During DebConf 5 we discussed the idea of a
4 packaging team for Perl libraries; together with
5 the GNOME team this effort was pioneering the
6 idea of collaborative package maintenance that
7 showed to be very effective.
9 Joachim Breitner (2) During DebConf 9 I made wanna-build, the Debian
10 autobuilder support, use the edos-distcheck tool
11 to check if a package’s build dependency can be
12 satisfied before trying to build them. This took
13 load of the buildd admins, allowing them to
14 concentrate on real build failures, and makes
15 wanna-build smart enough to figure out the order
16 of rebuilds by itself.
18 David Bremner [During DebConf11] the Debian Perl team managed to
19 convert almost 2000 packages from a monolithic
20 subversion repository into individual git repositories.
22 Luca Capello DebConf11 Events BoF, which generated a lot of
23 discussion on various mailing lists
24 (debian-publicity@ and debian-www@ in primis) and
25 in RL, and it was the beginning for the Debian
26 Events Box creation (which is progressing slowly,
27 but still...)
29 Luk Claes My first DebConf I got to really know what the
30 Release Team was about. Not long after I joined
31 the Release Team. Later DebConfs we recruited
32 other team members ;-)
34 Gerfried Fuchs (1) During debconf10 I squashed 77 RC bugs in
35 stable (and I wasn't even in NY ...). It
36 was done in the light of the RCBW done
37 during debconf, http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/RCBW
39 Gerfried Fuchs (2) during debconf9 where I noticed that the
40 video team slept in and did manage to get
41 the first talk of one day onto the
42 stream, which was the starting point in
43 getting involved in the video team. In
44 dc11 I was setting up the
45 external streaming server [...]
47 Raphael Hertzog During debconf11, we improved
48 dpkg-buildflags in order to support
49 hardening build flags. Without this work, we
50 would still not benefit from hardened builds.
52 Joey Hess At DebConf3 in Oslo, I finally met the
53 other Debian Installer developers
54 gathered together in person, and after a
55 week of challanging work, we achieved the
56 first successful installation of Debian
57 with it. This
58 reinvigorated our team, leading to many
59 new members, more rapid
60 development, and many more developer
61 gatherings. The resulting program
62 has since been used to install Debian,
63 and derivative distributions, on
64 tens of millions of systems.
66 Karolina Kalic During DebConf11 I've met my new, permanent,
67 sponsor (Guido Trotter)
68 and we have a great collaboration since then!
70 Asheesh Laroia (1) During Debconf8, I wrote some
71 improvements to piuparts. It doesn't
72 appear those changes are actually in the
73 main piuparts tree (!? aw well), but it
74 introduced me to Lucas Nussbaum, QA
75 extraordinaire, and gave me the confidence
76 that people in Debian trusted my
77 contributions.
79 Asheesh Laroia (2) During Debconf8, I learned about one DD
80 finding himself locked out of his room in
81 the middle of the night. This let me to
82 understand that DDs are not just technically
83 sharp and concerned with software freedom
84 but also sometimes hapless.
86 Asheesh Laroia (3) During Debconf11, I engaged in ongoing
87 hacking to finish the new version of
88 mentors.debian.net. Debian now uses this to
89 help new contributors submit high-quality
90 packages to Debian, and Arno Töll has
91 taken the reins on this project. Since
92 then, 11 people have
93 contributed patches to this codebase, and
94 it is the basis for tracking
95 sponsorship requests in the Debian bug
96 tracking system.
98 Kevin Mark I'm a FLOSS advocate who wanted to help Debian by
99 helping make Debconf in NY run smoothly and I
100 volunteered to do Front Desk, Registration, etc.
101 It was great to work and socialize with other
102 Debian contributers
104 Roland Mas During DebConf9 I refactored the FusionForge
105 VCS subsystem, so that alioth.debian.org could
106 handle modern version control besides CVS and
107 Subversion.
109 Gergely Nagy (1) "I attended the dak BoF during DebConf11,
110 and a year or so later, I'm about to deploy a
111 dak installation at work, which is really cool."
113 Gergely Nagy (2) "During DebConf11, I started to adopt dpatch,
114 and shortly afterwards, deprecated it.
115 This was made possible by the QA-related
116 talks at DC11, which strengthened my
117 desire to rid the world of this
118 beast."
120 Gergely Nagy (3) "During DebConf11, I gave a talk on
121 packaging for beginners. Half a year
122 later, I still get occassional mail about
123 it - my 15 minutes of fame lasting for
124 months! YAY!"
126 Christian Perrier In DebConf4, I spent days and nights improving
127 the Debian Installer localization infrastructure.
128 Eight years after, most of these achievements
129 are still used to help translating the
130 installation system in more than 70 languages.
132 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl One of the biggest achievements I made do Debian
133 happenend during DebConf6, when the publicity
134 team was founded, which now asks me about the
135 biggest achievements I did during a DebConf :)
137 Andreas Tille Even though I was a DD for two years when
138 I attended Debconf 0 I felt that this
139 event was the start of a big friendship.
141 Guido Trotter During Debconf9 I gave a talk about our project.
142 Then one of the developers present found it could
143 be used to solve some of their problem at work.
144 Soon his organization became one of the most
145 active contributors in our community.
147 Wouter Verhelst My biggest achievement at any debconf was
148 to actually *be* at debconf5, my first-ever
149 debconf. At the time, I was having personal
150 issues, and was seriously considering
151 resigning from the project. Someone (I
152 forgot whom) suggested that I could make it to
153 debconf5 as a sponsored attendee, and
154 eventually convinced me. The opportunity
155 to see and meet all those people who were
156 so passionate about Debian, to see and
157 meet them in a different setting, revived
158 my passion and fire for this community. I
159 am convinced that I would not be
160 involved with Debian anymore today if I
161 hadn't been at debconf5.
163 Enrico Zini (1) As DAM, Debconf is a priceless opportunity
164 to handle sensitive matters
165 face to face, in an appropriate setting.
166 Over time there are several
167 such issues accumulating that cannot
168 easily be handled via email.
170 Enrico Zini (2) During Debconf11 I could and did talk
171 personally with DSA and everyone I
172 could find running services on Debian
173 machines, and managed to set up a
174 coordination channel among all of us.

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