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1 <define-tag pagetitle>Organize a Debian Birthday party in your city</define-tag>
3 <define-tag release_date>2012-08-13</define-tag>
4 #use wml::debian::news
5 ### TODO: Check the status of thank-you.debian.net
7 <p>
8 On August 16, the Debian community will celebrate its 19th birthday
9 since Ian Murdock's original
10 <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.development/msg/a32d4e2ef3bcdcc6">founding
11 announcement</a>.
12 As is tradition, the Debian communities all around the world will gather
13 to celebrate it with Debian Birthday parties.
14 </p>
16 <p>
17 A Debian Birthday party is a fun event, globally marking the appreciation
18 and the joy of being part of our community and could consist of
19 workshops, talks, or bug squashing parties both virtual and in real life.
20 <a href="http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDay/2012">Check if there is one in your area</a>,
21 and if not, it's not too late to organize one and mark the event in the wiki!
22 </p>
24 <p>
25 Organizing Debian Birthday parties is quite simple: remember that the
26 goal is to hang out with other Debian enthusiasts and have fun.
27 You might decide, for example, to have a
28 <a href="http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning">keysigning party</a>, an <a
29 href="http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Installfest-HOWTO/introduction.html">installfest</a>,
30 a <a href="http://wiki.debian.org/HostingBSP">bug squashing party</a>, or simply
31 bring a <a href="http://happybirthday.dug.net.pl/">Debian cake</a> and some drinks!
32 </p>
34 ### We are still not sure on the last paragraph, could be removed in case
35 ### we cannot reactivate thank-you.debian.net
36 <p>
37 The web platform <a href="http://thank-you.debian.net">thank-you.debian.net</a>
38 will be opened to receive your expression of appreciation, pictures of your own Debian
39 birthday party, cake, cheerful thoughts, or happiness. If you post on Twitter or
40 Identi.ca please use the hashtag
41 <tt>#thxdebian</tt>.
42 </p>
45 <h2>Contact Information</h2>
47 <p>For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
48 <a href="$(HOME)/">http://www.debian.org/</a> or send mail to
49 &lt;press@debian.org&gt;.</p>

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