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data/  3804  7 years  baby-guest  Removed screenshots from svn
debian/  15280  6 months  pere  Correct email address, again...
libxdgutils/  13251  3 years  pere  Ignore generated libxdgutils/Makefile.in.
src/  15260  6 months  pere  Make internal functions static to avoid symbol leak and a compiler warning.
.gitignore  5811  7 years  enrico  Implemented --ftags and --secondary
FAQ  3245  7 years  enrico  Added a little FAQ
LICENSE  3809  7 years  baby-guest  Updated readme and license
Makefile.am  13253  3 years  pere  Distribute autogen.sh in source tarball to make it a complete copy of the svn re…
README  15226  6 months  pere  Reduce the dependency on libept and use xapian index directly to avoid downloadi…
autogen.sh  3272  7 years  enrico  Added autogen
configure.ac  15257  6 months  pere  Change default build rules to not print compiler flags, to make it easier to spo…


Name Value
bzr:revision-id:v3-single-software/ui 108 enrico@enricozini.org-20071208200723-y4vsdj5bsmuf0uqa 109 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209105906-z4sjyyyni51a3cnj 110 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209110551-33y5jxsqejx92fq3 111 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209112332-1rf57dt9r853hdxn 112 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209113708-u77ke5c0ubb5gecl 113 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209113759-tc79y911o01c01rb 114 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209115326-qm81khq7dslw4o63 115 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209121110-51l0kx2mq9hi3984 116 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209121304-o6z6a0knyhqed5fo 117 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209122329-rohhzh0tldsso0bx 118 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209125911-zs8f80ifey0z7avh 119 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209131206-gy3nbj5lmauqa9x3 120 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209133841-564gn3lapdlwwdo4 121 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209134207-645wakjl4xyi2jwh 122 enrico@enricozini.org-20071209134319-zlyt8jzq48fset5j 125 enrico@enricozini.org-20080212213840-0qspzuz7da4mx4rq
bzr:revision-info timestamp: 2008-02-12 21:38:40.628000021 +0000 committer: enrico@enricozini.org properties: branch-nick: goplay
svn:ignore aclocal.m4 autom4te.cache config.guess config.h config.h.in config.log config.status config.sub configure depcomp games.1 install-sh libtool ltmain.sh Makefile Makefile.in missing stamp-h1 goplay.1

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