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bsd-airtools/  5055  16 months  guillem  Remove myself from Uploaders from packages never uploaded to Debian
ctfutils/  5637  4 months  stevenc-guest  Integrate 9.2-5.1 NMU by YunQiang Su
cuse4bsd/  5012  16 months  rmh  Fix FTBFS by overriding dh_auto_test target.
freebsd-buildutils/  5677  4 months  christoph  Upload to experimental
freebsd-glue/  5501  6 months  christoph  Actually remove definitions from the header file
freebsd-libs/  5663  4 months  stevenc-guest  Add myself to Uploaders
freebsd-manpages/  5578  4 months  abe  Upload to unstable as 10.1~RC1-1
freebsd-moused/  5055  16 months  guillem  Remove myself from Uploaders from packages never uploaded to Debian
freebsd-quota/  5221  14 months  rmh  Fetch source code securely (https) in get-orig-source.
freebsd-smbfs/  5606  4 months  stevenc-guest  In get-orig-source, svn export with --ignore-keywords so that revision tags do n…
freebsd-utils/  5676  4 months  christoph  Upload to experimental
fuse4bsd/  5612  4 months  stevenc-guest  Add Vcs-* control fields
glibc-ports/  5688  3 months  ps-guest  sigwait is not allowed to return EINTR
istgt/  4821  19 months  guillem  Switch to canonical Vcs URLs
kfreebsd-10/  5699  4 days  stevenc-guest  Uploaded 10.1~svn274115-3 to unstable
kfreebsd-11/  5660  4 months  stevenc-guest  New upstream snapshot of -CURRENT - Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. […
kfreebsd-8/  5054  16 months  guillem  Remove myself from Uploaders from kernel packages
kfreebsd-9/  5662  4 months  stevenc-guest  kfreebsd-9 was removed from sid/jessie (mentioning it here to unconfuse Debian M…
kfreebsd-defaults/  5695  8 days  christoph  * Add myself to uploaders * No longer build on any-@arch@ but only kfreebsd-@arc…
kfreebsd-downloader/  4981  17 months  rmh  Upload to unstable
kfreebsd-downloader-10/  5357  13 months  rmh  New upstream release.
kfreebsd-kernel-headers/  5653  4 months  stevenc-guest  Uploaded 10.1~5 to unstable
ufsutils/  5627  4 months  stevenc-guest  copy-and-pasto s/MK_HYPERV/MK_TESTS/
ufsutils-8/  5093  16 months  rmh   Keep a copy of the ufsutils-8, which supports GNU/Linux, just in case
web/  4778  19 months  ps-guest  drop some ancient info)
xserver-xorg-video-nv/  5427  12 months  rmh  Set XS-Autobuild flag to allow auto-building.
zfsutils/  5605  4 months  christoph  Require current k-k-h to easy build ordering on the buildds

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