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archive-cleanup/  468  7 years  lucas  finished the post-etch cleanup
archive-rebuilds/  3166  3 months  lucas  archive rebuild results
bapase/  2107  3 years  jwilk  Fix a typo.
buildd-failures/  911  6 years  lucas  add script to gather stats about build failures on buildds
buildstat/  1263  6 years  goneri  attach a build to the correct host
collab-qa-tools/  3169  3 months  deiv-guest  Move collab-qa-tools to collab-maint git repository
crontest/  975  6 years  filippo  new 2008-08-02 run
ddpo-by-mail/  2358  2 years  lucas  fix ddpo-by-mail for wheezy, but it cant be run due to udd being partially outda…
debcluster/  2001  3 years  lucas  find only candidate version
epoch-mismatch-finder/  2404  2 years  jwilk  Add epoch mismatch finder.
fileconflicts/  1795  4 years  jwilk  Python 2.3 is long gone, remove compatibility code.
inst-tests/  3165  3 months  lucas  instest results
log-analysis/  2943  12 months  deiv-guest  Update status header
multi-arch/  3096  5 months  jwilk  Add --prune-cache.
not-in-testing/  814  6 years  lucas  added short script to list packages not in testing, sorted by popcon
orphan-list/  779  6 years  lucas  adjustements to list-orphaned. thanks to Atomo64 for noticing the problem
packages-metadata/  3236  16 hours  plessy  Daily automatic umegaya push
piuparts/  1327  6 years  lucas  piuparts results
potential-removals/  875  6 years  lucas  added script to find candidates for removal from testing
rc-buggy-leaf-packages/  2925  15 months  idd-guest  update for database changes
rc-scanner/  644  7 years  lucas  added script to find RC bugs based on some criterias
retitle-old-ita-itp/  3043  6 months  lucas  Improve wording to avoid implying that we are changing back to RFP/O
testing-status/  633  7 years  lucas  fixed detection of testing problems
tools/  852  6 years  lucas  minor debcmp fixes
udd/  2591  2 years  zack  udd: document Git repository location in Moved-To-Git
upload-history/  2773  19 months  paulproteus  Stop insisting on Python 2.5 for no particular reason
wnpp/  1527  5 years  sping-guest  Move wnpp-debian-net code to Git
wnpp-monitor/  730  6 years  lucas  added RM - > O transition

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