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     1 The contrib/ subdirectory for xine-lib contains the code for libraries
     2 that are not developed by the xine project, but are rather imported
     3 from other projects.
     5 These libraries are imported either because they need to be patched to
     6 fix bugs not yet fixed in any released version, to make it simpler for
     7 the users to have the library installed, or because there's no proper
     8 release done by that project.
    10 This README file should explain how to upgrade the code present in the
    11 contrib/ directory with new sources from the development project.
    13 libxdg-basedir
    14 --------------
    16 The libxdg-basedir project is a (really) small library used to provide
    17 the proper access to XDG directories as described by the XDG Base
    18 Directory Specification (0.6 version).
    20 The library can be found at
    21 , and it's
    22 imported in xine-lib as it's far from commonly found on distributions.