APT Archive Web-Frontend (Alioth repository)
ownerFrank Lichtenheld
last changeWed, 12 Mar 2014 18:20:08 +0000 (20:20 +0200)
2014-03-12 Onur Aslan[tr] correct ordered variables master
2014-02-12 Simon Paillardscreenshots.d.n moved to HTTPS: use same scheme as...
2013-12-07 Onur Aslan[tr] fix minor typo
2013-12-03 Onur Aslanadd tr to polangs
2013-12-03 Onur AslanInitial Turkish translation
2013-10-22 Gerfried Fuchsuse the gitweb link to browse the source
2013-10-16 Simon Paillardmirrors: remove unofficial mirrors
2013-10-16 Simon PaillardUpdate debian-ports mirrors list
2013-08-11 Damyan Ivanovsyntax error found by cstamas
2013-08-11 Damyan Ivanovadd note what <topdir> is
2013-08-06 Simon PaillardDisplay Enhances
2013-08-06 Simon PaillardParse from $suite/update/* too
2013-05-13 Simon Paillard050checkinst dropped at each run, relevant only at...
2013-05-13 Simon PaillardINSTALL: mention dpkg-checkbuilddeps, drop runtime...
2013-05-10 Damyan Ivanovadd generated test apache configs to conf/.gitignore
2013-05-05 Simon PaillardTODO: less dists configuration
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