2011-04-14 Neil WilliamsSeparate the native arrays from the cross arrays. zumbi/cross-build
2011-04-14 Neil WilliamsRun apt for native deps ahead of embuilddeps for cross
2011-04-14 Neil WilliamsConvert to using embuilddeps as the resolver to correct...
2011-03-04 Hector OronDo a bit of cleanup, but still broken resolver
2011-03-04 Hector OronDirty commit to hook cross dependency resolver
2011-03-04 Hector OronAdd build rules for XaptResolver
2011-03-04 Hector OronFix loding for Sbuild::XaptResolver
2011-03-04 Hector OronFirst attempt to add Xapt as dependency resolver.
2011-03-04 Hector OronFix pass -a HOST_ARCH when cross compiling
2011-03-04 Hector OronFix for:
2011-03-04 Hector OronAttempt to fix:
2011-03-04 Hector OronTry to get right the HOST_ARCH and BUILD_ARCH variables
2011-03-04 Hector OronFix typo when comparing strings
2011-01-22 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Add dpkg-buildpackage -a option when... cross-build
2011-01-22 Roger LeighAdd initial host/build arch separation for cross building
2011-01-16 Roger Leighdebian: Close #610007
2011-01-13 Roger Leighdebian: Close #609811
2011-01-13 Marc Deslaurierslib/Sbuild/ use -o APT::Install-Recomme...
2011-01-03 Roger Leighdebian: Close #608789
2011-01-03 Modestas VainiusAptitudeResolver: define a custom SolutionCost.
2011-01-03 Roger Leighdebian: Close #608659
2011-01-03 Modestas VainiusDo not filter out environment variables starting with...
2010-12-31 Roger Leighdebian: Close #608429
2010-12-31 Roger LeighSbuild::ChrootPlain: Don't use sudo when already root
2010-12-31 Roger Leighdebian: Close #608414
2010-12-31 Roger Leighsbuild-createchroot: Fix permissions of chroot and...
2010-12-31 Roger Leighsbuild-createchroot: Don't import all exported members...
2010-12-30 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 0.60.9-1 and close #607945
2010-12-30 Roger LeighNEWS: Bump version to 0.60.9
2010-12-30 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Don't automatically generate...
2010-12-30 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Add newline to log message
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::Conf: Update and upgrade the build chroot by...
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: run_apt_ftparchive unlinks its...
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: update_archive uses correctly...
2010-12-12 Roger Leighdebian: Document gpg and local archive changes
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: update_archive updates apt lists...
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Use an empty directory for gpghome
2010-12-12 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Create resolver directory in...
2010-12-12 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 0.60.8-1 and close #606668
2010-12-12 Roger LeighNEWS: Bump version to 0.60.8
2010-12-12 Simon McVittieUse gpg --homedir to avoid the user's gpg.conf completely
2010-12-08 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 0.60.7-1 and close #606278
2010-12-08 Roger LeighNEWS: Bump version to 0.60.7
2010-12-08 Roger LeighSbuild::AptitudeResolver: Restore use of Aptitude:...
2010-12-08 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Print message to inform user...
2010-12-08 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Dummy package creation is inside...
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Tidy changelog and add major upstream changes
2010-12-07 Roger LeighNEWS: Remove duplicate entry
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Close #605997
2010-12-07 Modestas VainiusDo not skip purging of build directory if chroot is...
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Close #589615
2010-12-07 Marc Dequènes... Sbuild::ConfBase: Only use MAILTO_HASH if defined
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Document Ubuntu workaround
2010-12-07 Jamie StrandbogeSbuild::Build: read_build_essential: Add workaround...
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Close #605745
2010-12-07 Roger Leighsbuild.1: Update description of --maintainer
2010-12-07 Roger LeighNEWS: Document testsuite
2010-12-07 Roger Leighdebian: Close #606001
2010-12-07 Ansgar Burchardtsbuild-update: Add --arch option.
2010-12-05 Roger LeighNEWS: Document new features:
2010-12-05 Roger Leightest/.gitignore: Ignore generated scripts
2010-12-05 Roger Leightest: sbuild only builds a single source package version
2010-12-05 Roger LeighSbuild::ConfBase: Don't use as a base class
2010-12-05 Roger Leighbin: sbuild-* wrappers don't need absolute paths
2010-12-05 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: update() uses the dependency resolver
2010-12-05 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Initialise install start and end times
2010-12-05 Roger Leightest: Add additional sbuild helper tests
2010-12-03 Roger LeighSbuild: Move check_group_membership here
2010-12-02 Roger Leighbuild: Add test/sbuild-update
2010-12-02 Roger Leightest: Add sbuild-update check
2010-12-02 Andres MejiaFix apt-keys directory permissions during installation.
2010-12-02 Andres MejiaCreate apt-keys directory during installation.
2010-12-02 Andres MejiaFix call to generate_keys() in Sbuild::ChrootSetup.
2010-11-30 Roger Leightest: Use set -e
2010-11-30 Roger LeighSbuild: Correct use of removed conf:: namespace in...
2010-11-30 Roger Leightest: Don't display grep output
2010-11-30 Roger Leightest: Add basic syntax checking of all perl scripts...
2010-11-30 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Location is stored in session
2010-11-30 Andres MejiaSbuild::ResolverBase: Create dummy package in temporary...
2010-11-30 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Set Defaults in session
2010-11-30 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Correctly begin host session
2010-11-30 Andres MejiaRemove checks to see if lintian or piuparts are executable.
2010-11-30 Andres MejiaFix aptitude resolver function call to pipe_aptitude_co...
2010-11-30 Roger Leighsbuild-update: Begin host session to fully initialise...
2010-11-30 Andres MejiaFix sbuild-update to work with new apt split refactoring.
2010-11-29 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Move chroot apt/aptitude command...
2010-11-29 Roger LeighSbuild: Remove now unused srcdep lock configuration
2010-11-29 Roger LeighSbuild::ChrootSetup: Remove functions previously moved...
2010-11-29 Roger Leighsbuild-update: Remove unused ChrootSetup functions
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Cleanup with / as CWD in case...
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::ChrootSetup: shell runs as normal user
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::ChrootSetup: generate_keys runs as normal user
2010-11-28 Roger Leighsbuild-createchroot: Use resolver to update chroot
2010-11-28 Roger Leighsbuild: Simplify shutdown logic
2010-11-28 Roger Leighsbuild: Remove REDO and SBUILD-REDO-DUMPED handling
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Use resolver for all apt operations
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::ResolverBase: Don't use Errno, and only remove...
2010-11-28 Roger Leighsbuild-update: Use resolver to perform all apt-get...
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::Resolver*: Remove use of Build object
2010-11-28 Roger LeighSbuild::Build: Remove source dependencies support in...