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2011-09-17 Giovanni Mascellanienumerate_packages() moved in class PatchTrackerDB.
2011-09-17 Giovanni MascellaniFix small bug with filenames that contain commas.
2011-09-17 Giovanni MascellaniAdded script.
2011-09-17 Giovanni MascellaniSave memory by not loading the filtered patch.
2011-09-17 Giovanni MascellaniAdded ghost patches support.
2011-09-17 Giovanni MascellaniMove makeDiffHandler in DB, so it can be used in other...
2011-02-20 Sean FinneyFirst stab at extracting suites into a local conf value
2011-02-20 Sean Finneyetch is out, wheezy is in
2010-11-07 Sean FinneyExplicitly close a popen3(patch) fd to avoid lockups
2010-03-05 Sean FinneyAllow blank lines and comments in quilt series files
2010-03-01 Bernhard R. Linkallow a "3.0 (quilt)" format packages without patches.
2009-12-02 Sean Finneyallow for compression formats other than gz in the... 0.20091202_quilt-3.0
2009-12-02 Sean Finneyuse "Debian-diff" as "type" for both 1.0 and 3.0 (quilt...
2009-12-02 Sean Finneystore the patches in Quilt30Series without the dir...
2009-12-02 Sean Finneyinitial support for source package format 3.0 (quilt)
2009-11-29 Sean Finneyinject some zero-whitespace break characters in long...
2009-11-29 Sean Finneyremove another unused option: static_dir
2009-11-29 Sean Finneyremove unused/obsolete config output_dir
2009-11-12 Sean Finneyadd squeeze to the list of tracked releases
2009-10-26 Sean Finneyshuffle the logic in PackageCmd to allow exact matches...
2009-09-29 Sean FinneyRevert "oops, the length should be two not one"
2009-09-29 Sean Finneyoops, the length should be two not one
2009-09-29 Sean Finneywhen no version is specified, do not cache PackageCmd
2009-09-06 Sean FinneyRevert "try both utf8 and latin-1 for contents in Patch...
2009-09-06 Sean FinneyRevert "Revert "remove some extra print statements...
2009-09-06 Sean FinneyRevert "remove some extra print statements that only...
2009-09-06 Sean Finneytry both utf8 and latin-1 for contents in Patch constructor
2009-09-05 Sean Finneyremove some extra print statements that only cause...
2009-09-03 Sean Finneyadd extra indicator config variable for compressed...
2009-09-01 Sean Finneyremove superflous import of DiffGzHandler from SourceAr...
2009-09-01 Sean Finneytrack the size of the diff.gz file in DiffGzHandler
2009-09-01 Sean Finneyinitial implementation of selective output caching
2009-09-01 Sean Finneysmall fixups to the pts index feature
2009-07-26 Sean Finneyinitial support for PTS index file generation
2009-07-26 Sean Finneychanges to work with >> lenny versions of reprepro...
2009-02-12 sean fineyfail more gracefully if a diff.gz is missing
2009-02-11 sean fineymod_python -> wsgi
2008-12-29 Sean Finneymigrate from cgi to mod_python
2008-09-12 Sean Finneyadd a local configuration file ignored by git
2008-09-08 Sean Finneytwo maintainer email fixes
2008-09-08 Sean FinneyRevert previous database representation changes
2008-09-04 Sean Finneyremove unneeded where condition
2008-09-04 Sean Finneyunicode fixes
2008-09-04 Sean Finneybetter output for searches, email query fix
2008-09-04 Sean Finneybetter database maintainer representation
2008-09-04 Sean Finneychange root_url to '' by default
2008-09-03 Sean Finneymaintainer support in frontend
2008-09-02 Sean Finneyinitial, slightly stupid, maintainer support in database
2008-09-02 Sean Finneynew ReleaseList class to order project releases
2008-07-06 Sean Finneybugfix: don't automatically prune in destructor
2008-07-05 Sean Finneyremove superfluous print from Archive class
2008-07-05 Sean Finneyuse a "marked" field to catch stale/removed pkgs
2008-07-01 Sean Finneyslightly better breadcrumbs in header
2008-06-28 Sean Finneyforce -p1 for diffstat generation
2008-06-28 Sean Finneyfix a long overdue XXX wrt diffgz's in pagehandler
2008-06-28 Sean Finneyxhtml compliance: esc. [^a-zA-Z0-9-] from <a name>
2008-06-28 Sean Finneystrip surrounding ws from diffstat output
2008-06-28 Sean Finneymostly aesthetic changes and initial "breadcrumbs"
2008-06-28 Sean Finneydon't bother sorting package entries when parsing
2008-06-28 Sean Finneyhave a "slightly" more efficient frontpage query
2008-06-28 Sean Finneydb "optimizations" fsvo "optimization"
2008-06-28 Sean Finneyremove need for initial empty rows, fix syntax err
2008-06-25 Sean Finneypackage search / versionless implementation
2008-06-25 Sean Finneyadd new collection row factory, query cleanup
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyfix broken downloads from patch view page
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyfrontpage rework and quick/dirty jump form
2008-06-24 Sean Finneymodify relateSourcePackage to take package/version
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyremove debug printing cruft for db bootstrapping
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyremove suite info from packagevers template etc
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyadd support for displaying "direct" changes
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyremove Writers, move to templates to Templates
2008-06-24 Sean Finneyslightly optimize query logic w/ INSERT OR REPLACE
2008-06-23 Sean Finneydon't declare ArchiveDiffer with empty parent
2008-06-22 Sean Finneysplit up generator and parsing logic in Archive
2008-06-22 Sean Finneybig commit with db and cgi handling updates
2008-06-11 Sean Finneysaving some work on sqlite related stuff
2008-06-11 Sean Finneyfurther cgi related fixes
2008-06-10 Sean Finneyinitial stab at cgi-based patch generation
2008-06-10 Sean Finneysorting fixups/cleanups
2008-06-10 Sean Finneyadd a DiffGzHandler to the PackageVers template
2008-06-10 Sean Finneyadd key-based sorting on package listings
2008-06-10 Sean Finneyupdates to Patch/DiffGzHandler
2008-06-09 Sean Finneyadd cmdline opts for selective pkg/suite processing
2008-06-05 Sean Finneypartially cgi-ify code, temp. stop per-pkg pages
2008-06-05 Sean Finneynew classes for diff/diff.gz handling
2008-06-03 Sean Finneymost modulizing cleanup and guts-hiding
2008-06-03 Sean Finneysplit up / modularize python code just a bit