descriptiontopic branches for misc stuff i've done to dpkg
ownerSean Finney
last changeSun, 24 Feb 2008 14:12:57 +0000 (15:12 +0100)
2008-02-24 Robert LuberdaUpdated Polish translation. master
2008-02-22 Raphael HertzogCleanup of some maintainer scripts
2008-02-22 Raphael HertzogFix groff in some manual pages
2008-02-22 Raphael HertzogFix usage of hyphens in some manual pages
2008-02-22 Raphael Hertzog* debian/*.lintian-overrides: Add some new overrides...
2008-02-22 Raphael Hertzog* man/po/po4a.cfg: Also translate deb-symbols.5
2008-02-22 Raphael HertzogFix make check to work on systems without dpkg in the...
2008-02-20 Raphael HertzogAdjust Dpkg::Changelog::parse_changelog() search list...
2008-02-19 Frank LichtenheldLink dselect against libncursesw
2008-02-19 Frank Lichtenhelddpkg-source.1: Fix description of -sk and -sp
2008-02-17 Frank LichtenheldAdd changelog entries for Dpkg::Checksums
2008-02-17 Frank LichtenheldAllow overriding $pkgdatadir in Dpkg
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenhelddpkg-architecture.1: Document needed data files
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheldman/po: Regenerate .pot file and merge .po files with it
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenhelddpkg-buildpackage: Set a set of compiler flags for...
2008-02-17 Frank Lichtenheldman/po: Regenerate .pot files and merge .po files with...
6 years ago debconf-fun-poc-1 initial PoC for dpkg/debconf stuff
6 years ago conffile-fun-poc-2 v2 of the conffile PoC. see commit...
6 years ago conffile-fun-poc-1 initial proof of concept for conffi...
4 years ago seanius-conffiledb-20091204
4 years ago seanius-conffiledb-20091011
4 years ago seanius-conffiledb-20090928
6 years ago debconf-fun
6 years ago conffile-fun
6 years ago master