2013-05-12 Roger Leighfunctions: checkfs calls panic rather than sulogin usrmount
2013-05-12 Roger Leighdebian: Document fsck and close #708000
2013-05-12 Roger LeighAdd support for running fsck
2013-05-12 Roger Leighdebian: Document device name canonicalisation
2013-05-11 Roger Leighresolve_device: Canonicalise symbolic links to real...
2013-05-11 Roger Leighdebian: Document /usr and /etc mount changes and close...
2013-05-11 Roger LeighAdd support for mounting /etc
2013-05-11 Roger Leighnfs: Rename do_nfsmount to nfs_mount_root_impl
2013-05-11 Roger Leighlocal: Generalise local device setup
2013-05-11 Roger Leighinit: Use generic mount functions, and mount /usr
2013-05-11 Roger Leighscripts: Add overridable indirect functions
2013-05-11 Roger LeighAdd functions to mount filesystems from /etc/fstab
2013-05-11 Roger Leighfunctions: Add resolve_device function
2013-05-08 Roger Leighfunctions: Add read_fstab_entry
2013-05-08 Roger Leighnfs: Move retry_nr to site of use and rename to nfs_ret...
2013-05-08 Roger Leighnfs: Add nfs_top, nfs_premount and nfs_bottom
2013-05-08 Roger Leighlocal: Add local_top, local_premount and local_bottom
2013-05-06 Ben HutchingsReleasing version 0.112
2013-04-23 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.111
2013-03-30 Ben Hutchingshook-functions: Exclude more unnecessary net drivers
2013-03-30 Ben Hutchingshook-functions: Include more HID drivers in base
2013-03-01 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.110
2013-03-01 Michael Prokopinclude ehci-pci in auto_add_modules list
2013-01-21 Ben HutchingsRemove more references to linux-2.6 in manual page...
2013-01-21 Ben HutchingsBug#697319: [PATCH 1/2] Remove '2.6.' from initramfs...
2013-01-21 Michael ProkopInstall nfsv{2,3,4} kernel modules as used by Kernels...
2012-10-05 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.109
2012-10-05 Michael Prokopkeymap hook: provide warning message if loadkeys/setupc...
2012-09-21 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.108
2012-09-21 Michael ProkopUse setupcon to install system's keymap
2012-07-22 Petr Baudisinitramfs-tools: allow disabling initrd for make deb-pkg
2012-07-22 maximilian... debian/control: Scratch 2.6 mention
2012-07-22 maximilian... hook-functions: add hid-generic module
2012-07-09 Adam ConradReleasing version 0.107
2012-07-01 Adam ConradKernel versions aren't (necessarily) package versions,
2012-07-01 Adam Conradhooks/klibc: Make us play more nicely with busybox...
2012-06-15 Vagrant Cascadianinitramfs-tools Don't override root=/dev/nfs by BOOT...
2012-06-08 Michal Suchanekinitramfs-tools: copy_exec add pattern for nonoptimized...
2012-06-08 Michal Suchanekinitramfs-tools: copy_exec quote ${src}
2012-06-07 Michael Prokoprelease 0.106
2012-06-06 Josh Triplettinitramfs-tools: Make manual_add_modules a no-op with...
2012-06-06 maximilian... release 0.105
2012-06-06 Josh Triplettinitramfs-tools: fix update-initramfs with modprobe...
2012-06-06 maximilian... initramfs-tools: guard too kernel postrm script
2012-06-06 Thomas Langeinitramfs-tools: kernel script check for update-initram...
2012-06-06 maximilian... release 0.104
2012-06-05 Josh Triplettnitramfs-tools: speed-up by avoiding forks in the per...
2012-06-04 maximilian... scripts/functions: panic() don't abort on modprobe...
2012-06-04 Balwinder S... init: fixes ignored $tmpfs_size
2012-06-04 maximilian... init: tighten /run/initramfs permissions
2012-06-04 maximilian... hook-functions: handle rootfs output from mount(8)
2012-06-04 maximilian... Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/mika/prere...
2012-06-04 Vagrant Cascadianinit: busybox's switch_root doesn't handle /proc or...
2012-06-04 maximilian... debian/control: Depend on kmod or m-i-t
2012-05-31 maximilian... Releasing version 0.103
2012-05-31 maximilian... debian/control: Depend on newer klibc-utils for /run...
2012-05-31 maximilian... configure_networking: Use /run path for ipconfig genera...
2012-04-17 Adam ConradReleasing version 0.102.
2012-04-17 Adam ConradAdd myself to uploaders
2012-04-17 Adam ConradDeal with the uniquely broken situation of armhf having...
2012-03-06 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.101
2012-03-06 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.3
2012-03-06 Vadim Solomininitramfs-tools: Add per default missing hid-logitech-dj
2012-03-06 Ben Hutchingsmkinitramfs: Copy modules.builtin into initramfs
2012-03-06 maximilian... update-initramfs: Don't call flash-kernel directly
2012-03-06 maximilian... debian/control: Get rid of old findutils versioned...
2012-03-06 maximilian... hook-functions: ext4dev is gone
2012-02-14 Michael ProkopReleasing version 0.100
2011-11-23 Michael Prokopwarn user if directory is present in confdir
2011-11-23 Michael ProkopAlternate Recommends on busybox-static
2011-11-23 Colin Watsonmark Multi-Arch: foreign
2011-11-23 Sven Joachimcopy_exec: Handle optimized libraries under multiarch...
2011-11-23 Michael Prokopdocs: clarify that PREREQ is only honored inside single...
2011-08-11 maximilian... preinst: get rid of awk usage
2011-08-11 Harald HoyerMODULES=dep: awk free version for root dev search
2011-08-11 maximilian... update-initramfs: run_bootloader() hooks on create too
2011-08-11 maximilian... update-initramfs: Cleanup nowadays unused run_lilo()
2011-08-10 maximilian... init: Prepare for switch_root(8) usage
2011-08-10 maximilian... debian/control: Tighten dep on klibc-utils 1.5.23-2
2011-08-08 maximilian... debian/control: Drop versioned depend on pre-Etch udev...
2011-08-03 maximilian... MODULES=dep: Use /sys again to decide for libata or ide
2011-07-30 Alkis Georgopoulosconfigure_networking() wait for udev to populate availa...
2011-07-29 Martin Pitthooks/busybox: Fix 2.99 busybox breakage
2011-07-29 Timo Juhani... panic: Load modules for highly probable USB keyboard
2011-06-01 Timo Juhani... panic(): print the name of each module before loading it
2011-05-18 maximilian... Revert "Revert "mkinitramfs: Nuke MIN_VERSION handling.""
2011-05-18 maximilian... mkinitramfs: Use /var/tmp rather then /tmp for space...
2011-05-18 maximilian... mkinitramfs: Check if TMPDIR is writable
2011-05-18 maximilian... initramfs-tools: rephrase description
2011-05-18 maximilian... mkinitramfs: Use version comparison for xz or other...
2011-05-18 maximilian... manual_add_modules: No longer add firmware.agent too.
2011-05-16 Michael Prokopset_initlist: redirect warning messages to stderr.
2011-05-16 Michael Prokoplsinitramfs: support xz/lzma, bzip2 and lzop as compres...
2011-05-13 maximilian... Releasing version 0.99
2011-05-13 maximilian... Revert "mkinitramfs: Nuke MIN_VERSION handling."
2011-05-11 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.
2011-05-11 Michael Prokopdocs: fix wording ("allows *one* to") to make lintian...
2011-05-11 maximilian... Merge branch 'maks/xhci'
2011-05-11 maximilian... hook-functions: xhci-hcd got renamed
2011-05-11 Michael Tokarevmkinitramfs: No need to warn about md-root busybox...