descriptionHighly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format. This repository includes preliminary metadata support (tmp/pending/meta). Official upstream repository:
ownerRob Browning
last changeThu, 10 Apr 2014 21:08:36 +0000 (16:08 -0500)
13 days ago Rob hashsplit .bupm metadata files. master
13 days ago Rob BrowningMerge work to have "bup split" produce a top-level...
13 days ago Rob BrowningAlways name the top-level split file "data", instead...
2014-04-06 Yung-Chin OeiMake bup-split commits appear as files to the vfs layer.
2014-04-04 Rob don't redundantly _populate_metadata for Dir()s.
2014-04-03 Rob BrowningAdd initial support for ls(1) style "-d" argument to...
2014-04-03 Rob fix typo in Writer._add.
2014-04-02 Patryck Rouleauindex-cmd: prevent a division by zero while computing...
2014-03-29 Mark J Hewittt/ accommodate changes to xattr.set error...
2014-03-27 Rob Browningt/ fix xattr.set test broken by path outpu...
2014-03-23 Rob BrowningPass any VFS Dir() constructor keywords on to Node().
2014-03-23 Rob add WVDIE().
2014-03-23 Rob xattr exception strings don't have path...
2014-03-23 Rob don't check the symlink file size on NetBSD...
2014-03-22 Rob get the group and gid from the filesystem.
2014-03-21 Rob Browning_helpers.c: use "unsigned long long" in ASSIGN_PYLONG_T...
4 months ago 0.25 0.25
4 months ago 0.25-rc5 0.25-rc5
6 months ago 0.25-rc3 0.25-rc3
8 months ago bup-0.25-rc2 bup-0.25-rc2
2 years ago bup-0.25-rc1 bup 0.25-rc1
3 years ago bup-0.24b bup 0.24b
3 years ago bup-0.24a bup 0.24a
3 years ago bup-0.24 bup 0.24
3 years ago bup-0.23a bup 0.23a
3 years ago bup-0.23 bup 0.23
3 years ago bup-0.22a bup 0.22a
3 years ago bup-0.22 bup 0.22
3 years ago bup-0.21 bup 0.21
3 years ago bup-0.21-rc1 bup 0.21-rc1
3 years ago bup-0.20 bup 0.20: the backlog cleanup release
3 years ago bup-0.19 bup 0.19: it backs stuff up......
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