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2013-02-25 Olivier BergerCleanup and add a seeAlso to the portfolio service master
2013-02-25 Olivier Bergercheckpoint
2013-02-25 Olivier Bergerbits of docs
2013-02-25 Olivier BergerReorganize dirs a bit
2013-02-25 Olivier BergerAdd cronjob manager
2013-02-21 Olivier BergerProtect agains double Maintainer: fields in package...
2013-02-21 Olivier BergerUse url-encoded lowercase email for resources URIs...
2013-02-21 Olivier BergerNeeded piece
2013-02-21 Olivier BergerAdding a default homepage for the service
2013-02-14 Olivier BergerAdd an account resource distinct from the person/agent
2013-02-14 Olivier BergerProper names, with utf-8 and get rid of HTML output
2013-02-14 Olivier BergerGenerate full data and get rid of output
2013-02-13 Olivier Bergercheckpoint
2013-02-13 Olivier BergerSnapshot
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