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ownerSimon Chopin
last changeWed, 14 Aug 2013 23:58:51 +0000 (01:58 +0200)
2013-08-14 Simon ChopinRelease version 0.1 master
2013-08-07 Simon ChopinEnhance debmessenger subtitles to identify the people...
2013-08-07 Simon ChopinAdd helpers to deal with common From: fields
2013-08-05 Simon ChopinAdd human readable titles
2013-08-05 Nicolas DandrimontUse the message to get the source instead of the topic
2013-08-05 Nicolas DandrimontUse an infinitive as the topic
2013-08-05 Nicolas DandrimontRegister the entry-points to format the messages
2013-08-01 Simon Chopindebexpo: add support for the removal messages
2013-08-01 Simon ChopinTake into account the changes in the topic scheme
2013-07-15 Simon Chopindebexpo: Fix the topic_parser initialization
2013-07-15 Simon ChopinAdd a processor for debexpo messages
2013-07-15 Simon Chopindebchanges: fix missing Version field
2013-07-15 Simon ChopinAdd a
2013-07-15 Simon ChopinChange the license from LGPL to Expat
2013-07-15 Simon ChopinMisc. fixes
2013-07-15 Simon ChopinAdd a basic .gitignore
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