2009-02-02 Guillem JoverRelease 1.14.25 1.14.25
2009-02-02 Guillem JoverRegenerate .pot files and merge .po files with them
2009-02-02 Guillem JoverDo not lose conffiles while replacing them on the same...
2009-02-02 TetraletUpdate Traditional Chinese dpkg translation
2009-02-02 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-deb: produce GNU tar archives inside .deb
2009-02-01 Guillem JoverFix typo in package description ('privides' -> 'provides')
2009-02-01 Hans F. NordhaugUpdate Norwegian Bokmål dselect translation
2009-02-01 TetraletUpdate Traditional Chinese dpkg translation
2009-01-06 Christian PerrierCompleted Basque translation
2009-01-05 Christian PerrierAdd missing space
2009-01-04 Miguel FigueiredoUpdate Portuguese dselect translation
2009-01-04 Deng XiyueUpdate Simplified Chinese dpkg translation
2009-01-04 Piarres BeobideUpdate Basque translations
2008-12-29 Guillem JoverBump version to 1.14.25~
2008-12-29 Guillem JoverRelease 1.14.24 1.14.24
2008-12-29 Guillem JoverRegenerate .pot files and merge .po files with them
2008-12-28 Christian PerrierChangelog police
2008-12-28 Christian PerrierCorrect Marce's first name
2008-12-28 Christian PerrierGalician translation update for dselect
2008-12-27 Helge KreutzmannAs per discussion on debian-l10n-german switch translat...
2008-12-22 Christian PerrierFix formatting and typos in names
2008-12-22 Christian PerrierVietnamese translation update
2008-12-20 Guillem JoverError out when trying to replace a conffile w/o a Repla...
2008-12-19 Christian PerrierUpdated Galician translation
2008-12-05 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-source -x: create temporary directory next to...
2008-12-01 Modestas Vainiusdpkg-shlibdeps: don't merge all dependency templates...
2008-11-19 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-shlibdeps: avoid spurious warnings due to bad...
2008-11-18 Peter KreftingAdded back ChangeLog entry that went missing.
2008-11-18 Guillem JoverBump version to 1.14.24~
2008-11-18 Guillem JoverRelease 1.14.23 1.14.23
2008-11-18 Guillem JoverMerge .po files with dpkg.pot
2008-11-18 Guillem Joverpo: Change charset to UTF-8 to match reality
2008-11-18 Guillem JoverAdd bug closure
2008-11-18 Guillem Joverman: Unfuzzy the control msgid
2008-11-18 Guillem Joverman: Add a proper header comment
2008-11-18 Miguel FigueiredoUpdate Portugueses dpkg translation
2008-11-18 Christian PerrierSlovak translation update
2008-11-17 Christian PerrierCzech translation update
2008-11-17 Christian PerrierBrazilian Portuguese translation update
2008-11-17 Christian PerrierNorwegian Bokmål translation update
2008-11-17 Christian PerrierReally unfuzzy the translation
2008-11-16 Helge KreutzmannComplete German man page translation
2008-11-16 Kenshi MutoJapanese translation update
2008-11-16 Christian PerrierCompleted Spanish translation
2008-11-16 Christian PerrierSpanish translation update
2008-11-16 Christian PerrierRussian translation update
2008-11-15 Eddy Petrișorpo/ro.po to 986t; fixed my name in the changelog, arf...
2008-11-15 Christian PerrierSolved conflict
2008-11-15 Christian PerrierPolish translation update
2008-11-15 Peter KreftingUpdated Swedih translation (986t0f0u).
2008-11-15 Christian PerrierKorean and Russian translation updates
2008-11-15 Christian PerrierFix one fuzzy in French translation
2008-11-14 Christian PerrierUpdated French translation
2008-11-14 Sven JoachimGerman dpkg translation update
2008-11-14 Guillem JoverRegenerate .pot files and merge .po files with them
2008-11-14 Guillem JoverAbort on unrecoverable fatal errors instead of continui...
2008-11-14 Guillem Joverdpkg: untangle onerr_abort from too many errors condition
2008-11-14 Guillem Joverlibdpkg: Refactor error handler execution code
2008-11-11 Jordi MallachUpdate Catalan translation
2008-11-07 Raphael HertzogFix Dpkg::Version comparison code. Closes: #504135
2008-11-01 Christian PerrierFix incorrect translation in French. Closes: #504123
2008-10-20 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-gensymbols: important bugfix concerning #includes...
2008-09-26 Thiemo Seuferdpkg-gensymbols: blacklist "__gnu_local_gp" symbol
2008-09-23 Christian PerrierMore fixes from Yuri Kozlov
2008-09-22 Christian PerrierFix typo in Russian translation of scripts
2008-09-16 Christian PerrierCommit the real update...
2008-09-16 Christian PerrierUpdated Polish translation
2008-09-16 Christian PerrierRussian translation update
2008-09-15 Peter KreftingOoops. Fixed typo.
2008-09-13 Miguel FigueiredoUpdated to 985t.
2008-09-12 Christian PerrierUpdated Greek translation
2008-09-05 Sven JoachimFix header of Swedish manpages translation
2008-09-05 Raphael HertzogBump version to 1.14.23~
2008-09-05 Raphael HertzogRelease 1.14.22 1.14.22
2008-09-05 Clytie SiddallUpdated Vietnamese translation.
2008-09-05 Hans Fredrik... Updated Norwegian Bokmal translation.
2008-09-05 Piarres BeobideBasque translation update
2008-08-29 Jacobo TarrioUpdated Galician translation of dpkg
2008-08-29 Peter KreftingUpdated Swedish translation.
2008-08-29 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation (985t0f0u).
2008-08-29 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-gensymbols: skip directories accessed through...
2008-08-29 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-source/2.0 and 3.0 (quilt): fix perms of automatic...
2008-08-29 Raphael Hertzogdpkg-source/3.0 (quilt): always provide valid name...
2008-08-26 Felipe Augusto... Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation of dpkg
2008-08-26 Guillem JoverBump version to 1.14.22~
2008-08-26 Guillem JoverRelease 1.14.21 1.14.21
2008-08-26 Guillem Joverdpkg(1): Escape hyphen in apt-get command
2008-08-26 Deng XiyueUpdate Simplified Chinese programs translation
2008-08-24 Miroslav KureCzech translation update
2008-08-22 Raphael HertzogFrench translation update (manual pages)
2008-08-19 Eddy Petrișorpo/ro.po:985t
2008-08-18 Sven JoachimGerman dpkg translation update
2008-08-18 Helge KreutzmannUpdate German man page and scripts translation
2008-08-18 Christian PerrierGrmbl, Emacs
2008-08-18 Christian PerrierI forgot closing the bug properly for the Slovak transl...
2008-08-18 Christian PerrierFrench translation update
2008-08-18 Christian PerrierSlovak translation update
2008-08-18 Kenshi Mutoupdate Japanese translation
2008-08-17 Guillem JoverChangelog police intervention
2008-08-17 Guillem JoverRegenerate .pot files and merge .po files with them