dpkg: Upgrade the database to a multi-arch compliant layout
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2011-08-20 Guillem JoverFix spelling errors
2011-07-07 Guillem JoverUse “command line” instead of commandline or command...
2011-06-25 Raphaël Hertzogdpkg: implement "interest-noawait" and "activate-noawai...
2011-01-31 Guillem JoverMerge branch 'squeeze' (through tag '')
2011-01-28 Raphaël HertzogMerge commit ''
2011-01-21 Raphaël HertzogUpdate triggers documentation to match reality
2011-01-06 Raphaël HertzogMerge commit ''
2010-12-20 Guillem JoverMerge branch 'sid' (through tag '')
2010-11-25 Guillem JoverMerge branch 'sid' (through tag '')
2010-11-19 Guillem JoverCleanup white spaces
2010-07-11 Guillem Joverbuild: Add optional code coverage support
2010-05-19 Guillem JoverMerge branch 'sid' (through tag '')
2010-05-10 Raphaël HertzogUpdate coding-style.txt to also cover the Perl code
2010-03-28 Raphaël Hertzogdpkg-source: warn when debian/source/format doesn't...
2010-02-26 Raphaël HertzogIntroduce the libdpkg-perl package
2010-02-25 Guillem Joverlibdpkg: Require users to define LIBDPKG_VOLATILE_API
2010-02-25 Guillem Joverdpkg: Always spawn a new shell on conffile prompt
2009-11-17 Guillem JoverMerge branch sid (through commit '')
2009-10-31 Raphaël HertzogDrop compatibility with old changelog parsers (as planned)
2009-10-26 Sean Finneydoc: Tune some Doxygen settings
2009-10-26 Guillem Joverdoc: Add doxygen support
2009-09-30 Guillem JoverAdd document describing the C coding style
2009-09-23 Guillem JoverMove development documentation to doc/
2008-04-08 Guillem Joverdoc: Fix wrong dpkg trigger related option names
2008-04-08 Guillem JoverAdd trigger man pages and update dpkg with triggers...
2008-03-30 Ian JacksonImplement triggers support
2005-03-11 Scott James Remnantdpkg ( experimental; urgency=low
2004-10-27 Scott James Remnantdpkg (1.10.24) unstable; urgency=low 1.10.24
2004-05-07 Scott James RemnantCorrect Makefile bug that prevents installation if...
2002-05-20 Adam HeathAdd rules to Makefile.conf, to rebuild Makefile if...
2002-05-06 Wichert AkkermanUpdate Ian Jacksons' email address
2002-04-28 Wichert Akkermandocumentation update
2002-02-03 Wichert AkkermanAdd start of reference manual
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanGo away and taunt me no more
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanGo away and taunt me no more!
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanMove files over from doc/sv/
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemoved files that moved to man/
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove framework for subdirectories
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove Swedish manpages which are in man/ now
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove Russian manpages which are in man/ now
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove Japanese manpages which are in man/ now
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove French manpages which are in man/ now
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove german manpages which are in man/ now
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanRemove files that moved to man/
2002-02-02 Wichert AkkermanMoved from doc/
2002-01-31 Wichert AkkermanUpdate French manpages
2001-11-17 Wichert AkkermanInstall new Swedish manpages
2001-11-17 Peter KarlssonTranslation fixups.
2001-11-17 Peter KarlssonFixed spelling.
2001-11-17 Peter KarlssonInitial Swedish translation.
2001-11-17 Peter KarlssonBetter wording
2001-11-17 Peter KarlssonInitial Swedish translation.
2001-09-16 Peter KarlssonCorrected spelling
2001-09-16 Peter KarlssonAdd simple script to check up-to-datedness of translations
2001-09-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.4
2001-08-18 Wichert AkkermanUpdate French translation
2001-08-11 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.31
2001-07-26 Wichert AkkermanRemove update-rc.d files
2001-07-26 Wichert Akkermanno longer install update-rc.d, it moved to the sysvinit...
2001-07-17 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.8
2001-07-16 Peter KarlssonFully translated and spell checked.
2001-07-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.30
2001-07-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.6 (not completely translated)
2001-07-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.6
2001-07-16 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.8
2001-07-13 Wichert AkkermanFix syntax error
2001-07-13 Wichert Akkermanremove emacs hints and Linux references
2001-07-12 Wichert AkkermanStart adding German manpages
2001-06-29 Wichert AkkermanAdded Russion translations from Alexey Mahotkin
2001-06-29 Wichert AkkermanAdd ru to subdirs
2001-06-20 Peter KarlssonUpdated to 1.7
2001-06-20 Adam HeathMerged in changes from 1.9.10 to 1.9.11 branch.
2001-06-09 Peter KarlssonSync to 1.29
2001-05-28 Adam HeathUpdated.
2001-04-28 Wichert AkkermanResync with v1_9
2001-04-28 Adam Heaths,etc/dpkg.cfg,etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg,
2001-04-27 Peter KarlssonUpdated to mtach main/dpkg.8 1.25.
2001-04-24 Wichert AkkermanMove dpkg-scansources manpage to section 8
2001-04-24 Peter KarlssonUpdated Swedish translation for 1.9.0.
2001-04-21 Peter KarlssonUpdated Swedish translation.
2001-04-19 Wichert AkkermanFix silly typo
2001-04-19 Wichert AkkermanUpdate list of available manpages
2001-03-05 Wichert AkkermanFrench translation update
2001-03-04 Peter KarlssonUpdated Swedish translation.
2001-02-25 Wichert AkkermanUpdate French manpages
2000-12-30 Wichert AkkermanAdd French manpages
2000-12-21 Peter KarlssonUpdated translation
2000-12-09 Peter KarlssonFixed a typo
2000-12-09 Peter KarlssonUpdated Swedish translation
2000-11-24 Wichert Akkermanscripts/dpkg-scansources.pl: Fix getopt usage since...
2000-11-23 Wichert Akkermanlib/mlib.c: fix error reporting for reading data in...
2000-11-09 Wichert Akkermansmall fixup in internals manual build
2000-09-23 Peter KarlssonEscape - in dpkg manpage NAME
2000-09-16 Peter KarlssonAdded more Swedish manual pages to install
2000-09-16 Peter KarlssonInitial Swedish translation
2000-09-15 Peter KarlssonTranslation fixes
2000-09-14 Peter KarlssonAdded more Swedish manual pages to install.
2000-09-14 Peter KarlssonInitial Swedish translation
2000-06-09 Wichert AkkermanMerge things from the potato branch:
2000-05-01 Wichert Akkermandoc/*: remove all references to GNU/Linux and just...