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ownerAdam D. Barratt
last changeMon, 14 Nov 2011 19:52:42 +0000 (19:52 +0000)
2011-11-14 Adam D. BarrattSimplify hint override checking p-u origin/HEAD origin/p-u
2011-11-14 Adam D. BarrattFix-up hint override logic
2011-11-14 Adam D. BarrattHint: implement equality based on comparing string...
2011-11-14 Julien CristauEnsure package list contains exactly one item in conven...
2011-11-14 Adam D. BarrattSyntax tweak
2011-11-11 Adam D. BarrattPass the list of supported architectures to MigrationItem
2011-11-11 Adam D. BarrattMigrationItem: support "$pkg/$ver/$arch" syntax
2011-11-10 Adam D. BarrattHintCollection::search(): fix "onlyactive" logic
2011-11-10 Adam D. BarrattFix up spacing issues; thanks Niels.
2011-11-09 Adam D. BarrattMigrationItem: fix name output for removal items
2011-11-09 Adam D. BarrattMigrationItem: canonicalise item names on output
2011-11-09 Adam D. BarrattCorrectly parse foo/arch/ver in unversionned mode
2011-11-09 Adam D. Barratt"Broken architectures" fix-up
2011-11-09 Adam D. BarrattMerge branch 'master' into p-u
2011-11-08 Adam D. BarrattDrop zobel's hint file master origin/master
2011-11-06 Adam D. BarrattMake it clearer that single binary removal is an imple...
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2 years ago master