descriptionTurquoise SuperStat -
ownerPeter Karlsson
last changeWed, 10 Sep 2008 09:39:42 +0000 (10:39 +0100)
2008-09-10 Peter KreftingChanged my surname. master
2008-09-10 Peter KreftingUpdated the version number to 3.1.
2008-09-10 Peter KreftingDiscontinued detailed change log.
2008-05-13 Peter KarlssonUpdated Debian control files to declare VCS location.
2008-03-18 Peter KarlssonAdded more auto-generated files to ignore list.
2008-03-18 Peter KarlssonUpdated to the lastest verson of GNU GPL v2.
2008-03-18 Peter KarlssonRemoved obsoleted variables in doxygen configuration...
2008-03-18 Peter KarlssonAdded support for @datarootdir@.
2008-02-18 Peter KarlssonAdded HTML mode.
2008-02-05 Peter KarlssonBegan working on an HTML output template.
2008-02-05 Peter KarlssonClear output line when toplist ends early.
2008-01-28 Peter KarlssonFixed logic operator precedence. release-3.0-2
2008-01-28 Peter KarlssonAdded more missing standard include fix.
2008-01-25 Peter KarlssonUpdated to current menu policy and updated conformance...
2008-01-25 Peter KarlssonFixed debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error.
2008-01-21 Peter KarlssonRenamed file in clean target.
6 years ago release-3.0-2 Tagged Debian 3.0-2 release.
6 years ago release-3.0 Released 3.0.
unknown release-1_0
unknown release-1_1
unknown release-1_2
unknown release-1_3
unknown release-1_3_1
unknown release-1_4
unknown release-2_0
unknown release-2_0_1
unknown release-2_0_2
unknown release-2_0_3
unknown release-2_1
unknown release-2_1_1
unknown release-2_1_2
unknown release-2_1_4
5 years ago master
6 years ago xturqstat-win32
6 years ago synchronet
6 years ago lexertest
6 years ago qtgui-templates
6 years ago localized-templates
6 years ago template-integration
6 years ago visualc++2005
6 years ago macosx
8 years ago sarge_security
8 years ago woody_security
8 years ago branch-2_2_4
11 years ago patches-2_2
12 years ago patches-2_1_1
13 years ago patches-2_0
13 years ago qtgui