descriptionsurfraw - a fast unix command line interface to WWW
ownerIan Beckwith
last changeTue, 10 Dec 2013 17:06:05 +0000 (17:06 +0000)
2013-12-10 Ian Beckwithdebian: bump standards-version to 3.9.5 2.2.9_release_candidate master surfraw-2.2.9 surfraw-2.2.9-1
2013-12-10 Ian Beckwithupdate timestamp in NEWS; debian: update vcs-browser
2013-12-10 Ian BeckwithFix make distcheck: remove last traces of codesearch...
2013-12-10 Ian Beckwithyandex: disabled test: wants captcha
2013-12-09 Ian Beckwithdebian: revert to actual release version in changelog
2013-12-09 Ian Beckwithremoved codesearch and scitopia, both services shutdown
2013-12-09 Ian Beckwithupdate NEWS: fink is back
2013-12-09 Ian Beckwithdeja: disable tests, needs javascript
2013-12-08 Ian Beckwithnew elvi: gmane;fix elvi: openbsd; fix tests: ads,...
2013-10-27 Ian Beckwithdebian: source format 3.0 (quilt); move ~rc1 to upstrea...
2013-10-27 Ian Beckwithtest/ add S.test; debian: tweak copyright
2013-10-27 Ian Beckwithdebian: decrease version number to 2.2.9-1~rc1
2013-10-27 Ian Beckwithsurfraw.IN: w3_custom_search_google: don't give full...
2013-10-20 Ian Beckwithyacy.test: add to
2013-10-20 Ian Beckwithnew elvi: yacy
2013-10-20 Ian Beckwithharmonise skip messages
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