2011-04-20 Stéphane Voltzadd Xerox 2400 onetouch model
2011-03-28 Stéphane Voltzbig endian hadling rewrite
2011-03-19 Julien BLACHEUse power/control instead of power/level if available
2011-03-18 Stéphane Voltzminor changes for genesys backend
2011-03-17 Stéphane Voltzbig endian fixes for gl847/gl124 based scanners
2011-03-15 Stéphane Voltzentry for cygwin build fixes
2011-03-15 Stéphane Voltzmake private function getLine static
2011-03-15 Stéphane Voltzadd sanei_magic to libsane dependencies
2011-03-12 Troy Rollohp3500.c: Remove interdependency between contrast and...
2011-03-12 Julien BLACHEbatch-start defaults to 1, not 0
2011-03-12 Troy RolloAdd grayscale and line art scanning to HP3500 backend...
2011-03-08 Alex Belkinusb ids for Samsung SCX-4623FW
2011-03-08 Alex Belkinkeep usb device by default (correct for bug introduced...
2011-03-06 Ilia Sotnikovhp5590: in ADF modes the device can scan up to 14"...
2011-03-06 Ilia Sotnikovhp5590: fixed detection of HP4500 devices (tested)...
2011-03-06 Ilia Sotnikovhp5590: in ADF modes the device can scan up to 14"...
2011-03-04 Pino ToscanoDefine PATH_MAX if needed
2011-02-23 Alessandro... epson2: updated resolution list detection
2011-02-16 Julien BLACHEFix v4l build with libv4l 0.8.3+
2011-02-14 m. allan noahsimple commit to test git
2011-02-14 m. allan noahsetup for development of 1.0.23
2011-02-14 m. allan noahTweaks for sane-backends 1.0.22 release RELEASE_1_0_22
2011-02-11 m. allan noahupdated translations
2011-02-05 Alessandro... epson2: try to avoid a division by zero
2011-02-04 Stéphane Voltzdisbale software crop/deskew and despeckle at 16 bit...
2011-02-02 Stéphane Voltzgenesys asynchronous parking hadling fixes
2011-02-02 Stéphane Voltzmore asynchronous parking issues fixed
2011-01-31 Reinhold Kainhofersanei_usb: Add function sanei_usb_get_endpoint, add...
2011-01-31 Stéphane Voltzfix unused variables
2011-01-31 Stéphane Voltzminor cleanups and changelog entry
2011-01-31 Stéphane Voltzdon't return EOF if some data was available
2011-01-31 Stéphane Voltzfix asynchronous parking issues
2011-01-31 Stéphane Voltzhandle writing of lineart data
2011-01-31 Reinhold KainhoferUpdate developer docs about translations
2011-01-31 m. allan noahadd magicolor
2011-01-31 m. allan noahfujitsu backend v106:
2011-01-31 m. allan noahepjitsu: comment changes, listed new models
2011-01-31 Reinhold Kainhofermagicolor: Drop SNMP autodetection timout from 2.5...
2011-01-31 Reinhold Kainhofermagicolor: backend needs net-snmp 5.6 for snmp auto...
2011-01-29 Mike KellyUpdated ChangeLog
2011-01-29 Mike KellyBumped the BUILD version
2011-01-29 Mike KellyUpdated Avision Homepage URL
2011-01-29 Mike KellyFixed initialization and duplexing for AV220-G
2011-01-29 Mike KellyAdd page re-flipping as an option
2011-01-29 Mike KellyFixed back page handling for flipping duplexers
2011-01-29 Mike KellyRemoved inquiry_adf_need_mirror_rear variable
2011-01-29 Mike KellyFixed flipping duplexer initialization
2011-01-29 Mike KellyEnable firmware reading for some scanners.
2011-01-29 Mike KellyAdd feature type for flipping duplexing ADF units
2011-01-29 Mike KellyRemoved additional_probe gatekeeper variable
2011-01-29 Mike KellyReturn copied values in sane_get_parameters()
2011-01-29 Mike KellyDon't compute parameters twice (in a row)
2011-01-29 Mike KellyAdded paper-length option to prevent double feeds
2011-01-29 Mike KellyAdded a Misc option group to hold misc features
2011-01-29 Mike KellyFixed debug level for a single message
2011-01-29 Mike KellyWhitespace changes.
2011-01-29 Mike KellyFixed spelling and grammar
2011-01-29 Mike KellyUpdated copyright because it's 2011!
2011-01-27 m. allan noahcanon_dr backend v37:
2011-01-27 m. allan noahhopefully enable flatbed support
2011-01-25 Reinhold Kainhofermagicolor: Get rid of the byteorder macros, copy the...
2011-01-20 Reinhold Kainhofermagicolor: cast size_t arguments to unsigned long for...
2011-01-20 Reinhold Kainhofermagicolor: Get rid of compiler warning
2011-01-20 Reinhold KainhoferApparently, autoreconf on the server somehow missed...
2011-01-20 Stéphane VoltzHP2400/G2410 support progress
2011-01-19 m. allan noahDisable automatic RIF of binary modes on DR-5060F
2011-01-19 m. allan noahrebuild autofoo for magicolor and snmp support
2011-01-18 m. allan noahimproved scsi scanner detection
2011-01-18 m. allan noahChangelog entry for recent updates
2011-01-18 m. allan noahupdated german translation from Matthias Mailander
2011-01-18 m. allan noahupdated polish translation from Jakub Bogusz
2011-01-18 m. allan noahupdate credits
2011-01-18 m. allan noahinitial support for DR-7090C
2011-01-18 m. allan noahcanon_dr backend v36
2011-01-17 Stéphane Voltzadd DSmobile variant
2011-01-15 Reinhold KainhoferNew backend: magicolor (for KONICA MINOLTA magicolor...
2011-01-15 Reinhold KainhoferFix already-defined compiler warnings by adding some...
2011-01-15 Reinhold KainhoferAdd some sanity checks
2011-01-15 Reinhold KainhoferAdd function to set USB endpoints to use
2011-01-13 Stéphane Voltzentry for genesys backend change
2011-01-13 Stéphane Voltzdescription update for LiDE 110/210
2011-01-13 Stéphane Voltzexposure calibration cache fix
2011-01-13 Stéphane Voltzworking 2400 dpi mode for LiDE 110
2011-01-12 Stéphane Voltzentry for genesys fixes
2011-01-12 Stéphane Voltzdisable 2400 dpi scanning since it isn't ready
2011-01-12 Stéphane Voltzadd a wait for head to park function for genesys based...
2011-01-11 Stéphane Voltz2400 dpi for LiDE 110/210
2011-01-09 Stéphane Voltzentry for genesys fixes
2011-01-09 Stéphane Voltzgenesys fixes
2011-01-07 Stéphane Voltzgenesys fixes
2011-01-05 Nicolas Martinpixma: Added patch proposed by Klaus Stengel for Canon...
2011-01-04 Nicolas Martinpixma: several updates for MP830, MP990, memmove bug...
2011-01-04 Nicolas MartinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-04 Stéphane Voltzentry for gl124 fixes
2011-01-04 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl124'
2011-01-04 Stéphane Voltzfix lineart issue at 1200 dpi and clean up block read...
2011-01-04 Nicolas MartinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-03 Chris Bagwellchangelog entry for sane.tex update.
2011-01-03 Chris Bagwellmake generation more portable
2011-01-03 Stéphane Voltzmake lineart work when number of segments is higher...