epjitsu backend v28
[sane/sane-backends.git] / tools /
2014-01-09 Gerhard JaegerAdd LM983x usb chip detection when compiled for libusb...
2013-11-20 Nils Philippsensane-desc: fix faulty udev logic for SCSI devices
2013-11-05 Nils Philippsenremove code which is never reached
2013-10-24 Nils Philippsensane-desc: fix udev hwdb generation
2013-08-15 Chris BagwellImprove snmp detection when cross compiling.
2013-08-02 Stéphane Voltzchangelog entry for hwdb patch, minor cleanups, copyrig...
2013-08-02 Tom Gundersensane-desc: add support for udev's hwdb
2013-06-10 Stéphane Voltzadd GL128 detection
2013-06-10 Stéphane Voltzadd GT-6801/6816 chip detection
2013-06-03 Stéphane Voltzcleanups and final version
2013-06-03 Stéphane Voltzmake GL646 detection work again
2013-06-03 Stéphane Voltzgl646 detection
2013-06-03 Stéphane Voltzadd USB chip probe in libusb-1.0 case
2013-06-03 Stéphane Voltzadd GL845 detection
2013-02-22 Gerhard JaegerFix another bug in the libusb1 part of functioin check_...
2013-02-20 Gerhard JaegerSetup libusb1 debugging after initialization
2013-02-11 Stéphane Voltzminor fixes to sane-desc.c
2013-01-10 Louis LagendijkAdded optional support in saned for systemd socket...
2012-11-29 m. allan noahRevert "forgot to do autoreconf"
2012-11-28 Paul Newallforgot to do autoreconf
2012-07-25 m. allan noahVarious cleanups for release
2012-04-20 Rolf Benschscanner group access with and without acl support
2012-01-22 Ruediger Meierbuild fix, use the right scsi header on win32
2011-12-27 Chris Bagwelladd support for libusb-win32
2011-11-09 Chris BagwellAdd --disable-dynamic/--disable-preload and update...
2011-11-06 Chris BagwellMore mingw portability updates.
2011-09-16 Nils Philippsenuse pkg-config in sane-config
2011-07-05 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl847'
2011-06-24 Julien BLACHEAdd wildcard for some Epson scanners
2011-06-24 Julien BLACHEFix infinite loop in walking the SCSI scanners list
2011-06-02 Julien BLACHEAdd udev+acl output mode, udev rules using ACLs
2011-03-19 Julien BLACHEUse power/control instead of power/level if available
2011-01-19 m. allan noahrebuild autofoo for magicolor and snmp support
2011-01-04 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl124'
2011-01-04 Nicolas MartinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/sane...
2011-01-02 Chris Bagwellupdate generate files using latest autoconf tools.
2010-12-30 Nicolas MartinMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/sane...
2010-12-14 Stéphane Voltzadd new gl124 asic
2010-12-12 Alessandro Zummo epson2: added tool to generate device list
2010-10-13 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl843'
2010-09-30 Alex BelkinAdded Samsung SCX-4500W scan over network support for...
2010-06-23 Julien BLACHEumax_pp: define _XOPEN_SOURCE for putenv()
2010-06-21 Julien BLACHEudev rules: set libsane_matched=yes for SCSI scanners too
2010-05-20 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl847'
2010-05-16 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'gl847'
2010-04-26 Julien BLACHEFix pkg-config file syntax
2010-04-25 Chris Bagwellfix typo in tools/sane-config.in. REGMGR=RESMGR.
2010-04-21 m. allan noahupdated ukranian translation from Yuri Chornoivan
2010-04-19 m. allan noahUpdate the sane-devel contact suggestion
2010-04-06 Chris BagwellAdd stub for future pkg-config support
2010-04-06 Chris BagwellDon't include -lresmgr in all backends
2010-02-28 Chris Bagwellalign autoconf/automake output to common version.
2010-02-28 m. allan noahCondense warnings about half-baked .desc files
2010-02-28 m. allan noahUse standard gettext infrastructure, from Adi Roiban
2010-02-15 Stéphane Voltzaddition of the p5 backend to the distribution
2010-02-12 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'genesys'
2010-02-10 m. allan noah* doc/.gitignore, doc/Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.in:
2009-10-01 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'lexmark'
2009-09-11 Mattias EllertUpdated Swedish translation, fix libusb warning.
2009-08-13 m. allan noahadd closedir call to fix bug #311880, patch from Johann...
2009-08-01 m. allan noahAdded better checks for GL84x chips
2009-07-06 Stéphane VoltzMerge branch 'lexmark' of /home/stefdev/workspace/sane...
2009-06-23 m. allan noahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://kitno-guest@git.debian...
2009-06-23 m. allan noahNew kodak backend, and all the autofoo changes required...
2009-05-10 chris@cnpbagwell.comMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cbagwell-guest@git.debia...
2009-05-08 chris@cnpbagwell.comstandardize including local sane/ include files.
2009-05-06 Ilia Sotnikov* Updated HP ScanJet model names displayed during the...
2009-05-06 Julien BLACHEUnbreak udev rules
2009-05-05 m. allan noahadd more generated files to .gitignore
2009-05-04 Julien BLACHEAdd basic .gitignore files
2009-05-03 Chris Bagwell* Makefile.in, aclocal.m4, configure, */Makefile.in...
2009-04-14 m. allan noahdouble counting untested scanners bug
2009-03-13 m. allan noah* tools/sane-desc.c: remove 8859-1 chars from string...
2009-03-04 Chris BagwellAdd space mistakenly removed in last CVS update.
2009-03-03 Chris Bagwell* acinclude.m4, tools/sane-config.in: Add in missing...
2009-02-26 Chris Bagwell* acinclude.m4, backend/*.[ch], tools/*.[ch], frontend...
2009-02-21 Chris Bagwell* po/Makefile.am, configure.in: convert remaining direc...
2009-02-20 Mattias EllertAdding missing liblib dependencies
2009-02-19 Chris BagwellHave configure define configdir so all makefiles can use
2009-02-19 Julien BLACHEFixup build.
2009-02-19 Julien BLACHEAdd support for libusb-1.0.
2009-02-19 Chris BagwellAdd missing clean-local.
2009-02-19 Chris Bagwell* configure.in, tools/Makefile.am: convert tools to...
2009-02-15 Chris Bagwellconvert frontend, include, and sanei directories to use
2009-02-06 Chris Bagwell* configure.in, acinclude.ac: Cleanup autoconf 2.63...
2009-02-03 Julien BLACHERemove debug code.
2009-02-03 Julien BLACHEFilter out unsupported/unknown models from output ...
2009-02-02 Chris Bagwell* aclocalm4: fix prototype of internal strcasestr and...
2009-01-31 Chris Bagwell* acinclude.m4, configure.in: Put all libraries into...
2009-01-16 Chris BagwellUpdates to Makefiles to prepare for transition to automake.
2009-01-13 Julien BLACHEAdd a new :scsi keyword for SCSI devices, add support...
2009-01-13 Julien BLACHEReplace the obsolete SYSFS{} key by the newer ATTR...
2009-01-13 Julien BLACHEGroup USB devices by vendor in the HAL FDI output.
2009-01-13 Julien BLACHEReplace opencoded device permissions and ownership...
2008-03-28 Julien BLACHEHAL 0.5.11-rc2 does not support the info.bus property...
2008-02-03 Mattias EllertFix warnings about ignored --datarootdir
2008-01-18 m. allan noahsecond try committing these
2008-01-15 m. allan noahtranslation update from Yann E. MORIN
2007-12-19 Jonathan Bravo LopezUpdated spanish translation. Fixed compilation warning...
2007-11-10 Mattias Ellertuse SCSITaskSGElement if available