descriptionXCB util-image library
ownerArnaud Fontaine
last changeFri, 8 Jun 2012 04:53:18 +0000 (13:53 +0900)
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineUpload to unstable. debian-unstable xcb-util-image-0.3.9-1
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineAdd xcb_pixel.h previously missing.
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineConvert to multiarch.
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineBump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 and switch debian/copyr...
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineFix duplicated short description on development package.
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineNew upstream release.
2012-06-08 Arnaud FontaineMerge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
2012-05-30 Arnaud FontaineRelease 0.3.9 upstream-unstable
2012-05-22 Arnaud FontaineFix GCC warning in test_formats.
2012-05-22 Jon TURNEYUse rand() instead of random(), being part of the C...
2012-05-22 Jon TURNEYDon't try to build test_xcb_image_shm if SHM isn't...
2012-05-21 Arnaud FontaineAdd to EXTRA_DIST.
2012-05-21 Arnaud FontaineRemove Doxyfile which is unused, out dated and wrong.
2011-05-06 Arnaud FontaineState in debian/changelog that it is now maintained... xcb-util-image-0.3.8-1
2011-05-06 Arnaud Fontainexcb-util-image is now maintained as part of pkg-xorg...
2011-05-06 Arnaud FontaineClean up unecessary files of Git Debian packages.
22 months ago xcb-util-image-0.3.9-1 Tagging upload of xcb-util-image...
2 years ago xcb-util-image-0.3.8-1 Tagging upload of xcb-util-image...
3 years ago 0.3.8 Release 0.3.8
22 months ago debian-unstable
22 months ago upstream-unstable