descriptionPackaging XCP guest templates
ownerThomas Goirand
last changeMon, 9 Jul 2012 16:54:43 +0000 (16:54 +0000)
2012-07-09 Thomas GoirandAdded a patch to add Wheezy templates. debian
2011-12-20 Thomas Goiranddebian/rules should usr /usr/bin/make and not /bin...
2011-12-20 Mike McClurgFix typo in debian/rules
2011-12-19 Thomas GoirandFor the same reason, removing path_of_inventory_file...
2011-12-19 Thomas GoirandRemoved path_of_xapi_socket since Jon did put it in...
2011-12-19 Thomas GoirandAlso cleans regenerate-templates
2011-12-19 Thomas GoirandMerge branch 'debian' of
2011-12-19 Thomas GoirandAdded a watch file.
2011-12-17 Thomas GoirandFixed Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser URLs.
2011-12-14 Thomas GoirandDepends on debhelper 8 and not 8.0.0
2011-12-14 Thomas GoirandFixes URL of DEP5.
2011-12-14 Thomas GoirandAdded patch comments.
2011-12-13 Thomas GoirandFixes path of the inventory filein the recreate scripts.
2011-12-13 Thomas GoirandFixes path to the xapi socket file.
2011-12-12 Mike McClurgclean removes .omakedb.lock
2011-12-12 Mike McClurgSquash changelog entries into one, and fix JonL's email
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2 years ago upstream/0.1
2 years ago debian-sid
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