ownerPraveen Arimbrathodiyil
last changeMon, 13 May 2013 10:18:12 +0000 (12:18 +0200)
2013-05-13 Cédric Boutillieruse canonical URI in Vcs-* fields master
2013-05-13 Cédric Boutillierdebian/control: remove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed flag
2012-11-16 Praveen Arimbrathodiyiloverride missing changelog message debian/1.4.2-1
2012-11-16 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilnew upstream release
2012-11-16 Praveen ArimbrathodiyilMerge tag 'upstream/1.4.2'
2012-11-16 Praveen ArimbrathodiyilImported Upstream version 1.4.2 upstream upstream/1.4.2
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilfix path of jquery.js debian/1.4.1-1
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilremove jquery.js during build stage itself
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilremove embedded jquery and depend on libjs-jquery
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilupdate my email in debian/control
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilreplace camping with ruby-http-connection
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilgenerate rdoc api documentation
2012-10-29 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilupdate my email address to one
2012-06-19 Paul van TilburgInstall README.txt as documentation
2012-06-19 Paul van TilburgTweaked the description a bit
2012-06-05 Praveen Arimbrathodiyilupload to unstable, add ITP number, correct email
21 months ago debian/1.4.2-1
21 months ago upstream/1.4.2 Upstream version 1.4.2
21 months ago debian/1.4.1-1
2 years ago upstream/1.4.1 Upstream version 1.4.1
15 months ago master
21 months ago pristine-tar
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