descriptionDebian packaging of dh-make-perl
ownerDamyan Ivanov
last changeWed, 12 Mar 2014 17:12:56 +0000 (18:12 +0100)
2014-03-12 Axel BeckertRemove Maximilian Gaß from Uploaders (no more active... master
2014-02-27 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-02-27 gregor herrmannBump required debhelper version for Module::Build:...
2014-02-15 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-02-15 gregor herrmanndebian/control: remove Nicholas Bamber from Uploaders...
2014-01-22 Axel BeckertUpdate my copyright years
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertRemove TODO, it's already done
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertUse Cwd's realpath for upstream tarball search if main_...
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertIterate over all supported tar ball suffixes in guess_t...
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertCode-deduplication by splitting up guess_tarball()
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertUntangle checks for pristine-tar and tarball in git_add...
2014-01-19 Axel BeckertApply wrap-and-sort
2014-01-18 gregor herrmannmore dh7 renames
2014-01-18 gregor herrmannupdate changelog
2014-01-18 gregor herrmannbump $VERSION in changed modules
2014-01-18 gregor herrmannUpdate copyright years.
5 months ago debian/0.80-1 tagging package dh-make-perl versio...
8 months ago debian/0.79-1 tagging version debian/0.79-1
8 months ago debian/0.78-1 tagging version debian/0.78-1
8 months ago debian/0.77-1 tagging version debian/0.77-1
19 months ago debian/0.76-1 tagging version debian/0.76-1
2 years ago debian/0.75-1 tagging version debian/0.75-1
2 years ago debian/0.74-1 tagging version debian/0.74-1
2 years ago debian/0.73-1
3 years ago debian/0.72-1
3 years ago debian/0.71-1
3 years ago debian/0.70-1
3 years ago debian/0.69-1
3 years ago debian/0.68-1
3 years ago debian/0.67-1
4 years ago debian/0.66-1
4 years ago debian/0.65
5 weeks ago master