descriptionjenkins-xstream packaging
ownerJames Page
last changeTue, 31 Dec 2013 14:11:46 +0000 (14:11 +0000)
2013-12-31 James Pagereleasing package jenkins-xstream version 1.4.4-jenkins-4-1 master debian/1.4.4-jenkins-4-1
2013-12-31 James PageMerge tag 'upstream/1.4.4-jenkins-4'
2013-12-31 James PageImported Upstream version 1.4.4-jenkins-4 upstream upstream/1.4.4-jenkins-4
2013-08-12 James Pagereleasing version 1.4.4-jenkins-3-1 debian/1.4.4-jenkins-3-1
2013-08-12 James Paged/rules: Use mh_installpoms to ensure that all pom...
2013-08-12 James PageDrop dependency plugin from BD's
2013-08-12 James PageEnsure dependency plugin is never called
2013-08-12 James PageDrop use of dependency plugin
2013-08-12 James PageFixup kxml2 rules handing
2013-08-12 James Paged/control,maven.rules: Add new BD on libkxml2-java...
2013-08-12 James Paged/control: Drop DM-Upload-Allowed, bumped Standards...
2013-08-12 James Paged/maven.ignoreRules: Drop json dependency - only requir...
2013-08-12 James Page - d/control: Add new BD on libkxml2-java.
2013-08-12 James PageIgnore parent pom
2013-08-12 James PageSwitch to using git patch-queue for patches
2013-08-12 James PageNew upstream release:
3 months ago debian/1.4.4-jenkins-4-1
3 months ago upstream/1.4.4-jenkins-4 Upstream version 1.4.4-jenkins-4
8 months ago debian/1.4.4-jenkins-3-1
8 months ago upstream/1.4.4-jenkins-3 Upstream version 1.4.4-jenkins-3
22 months ago debian/1.3.1-jenkins-9-3 Debian release 1.3.1-jenkins-9-3
22 months ago debian/1.3.1-jenkins-9-2ubuntu1 Debian release 1.3.1-jenkins-9...
2 years ago debian/1.3.1-jenkins-9-2 Debian release 1.3.1-jenkins-9-2
2 years ago upstream/1.3.1-jenkins-9 Upstream version 1.3.1-jenkins-9
2 years ago debian/1.3.1-jenkins-9-1 Debian release 1.3.1-jenkins-9-1
2 years ago upstream/1.3.1-hudson-8 Upstream version 1.3.1-hudson-8
3 months ago master
3 months ago upstream
8 months ago patch-queue/master
2 years ago pristine-tar