descriptionjenkins-trilead-ssh2 packaging
ownerJames Page
last changeSun, 22 Dec 2013 21:26:56 +0000 (21:26 +0000)
2013-12-22 James Paged/control,maven.rules: Add junit4 to BDI, map to correc... master debian/217-jenkins-3-1
2013-12-22 James Paged/control: Bumped Standards-Version, no changes.
2013-12-22 James PageMerge tag 'upstream/217-jenkins-3'
2013-12-22 James PageImported Upstream version 217-jenkins-3 upstream upstream/217-jenkins-3
2013-08-12 James PageNew upstream release.
2013-08-12 James PageImported Upstream version 214-jenkins-2 upstream/214-jenkins-2
2013-08-12 James PageMerge tag 'upstream/214-jenkins-2'
2013-05-16 tony mancillprepare for upload to unstable debian/214-jenkins-1-1
2013-01-09 James PageUpdates for 214-jenkins-1 release debian/214-jenkins-1-1_exp1
2013-01-09 James PageImported Upstream version 214-jenkins-1 upstream/214-jenkins-1
2013-01-09 James PageMerge tag 'upstream/214-jenkins-1'
2013-01-09 James PageUpdated watch to use github directly
2011-09-17 tony mancilladd MD5 license to debian/copyright debian/212-hudson-6+dfsg-1
2011-09-16 tony mancilltweak jar version in debian/rules
2011-09-15 James Pageinclude->exclude
2011-09-15 James PageMinor tweat to watch file
4 months ago debian/217-jenkins-3-1 jenkins-trilead-ssh2 Debian release...
4 months ago upstream/217-jenkins-3 Upstream version 217-jenkins-3
8 months ago upstream/214-jenkins-2 Upstream version 214-jenkins-2
11 months ago debian/214-jenkins-1-1 jenkins-trilead-ssh2 Debian release...
15 months ago debian/214-jenkins-1-1_exp1 Debian release 214-jenkins-1-1...
15 months ago upstream/214-jenkins-1 Upstream version 214-jenkins-1
2 years ago debian/212-hudson-6+dfsg-1 Debian release 212-hudson-6+dfsg-1
2 years ago upstream/212-hudson-6+dfsg Upstream version 212-hudson-6+dfsg
2 years ago upstream/212-hudson-6 Upstream version 212-hudson-6
4 months ago master
4 months ago upstream
15 months ago pristine-tar