descriptionDebian packaging of wesnoth
last changeThu, 13 Feb 2014 08:31:20 +0000 (00:31 -0800)
2014-02-13 Vincent ChengAdd .travis.yml to .gitignore master
2014-01-15 Vincent ChengUpdate email address
2013-09-06 Vincent ChengTell dh_install to ignore .gitignore files debian/1.10.7-1
2013-08-31 Vincent ChengRefresh patches
2013-08-19 Vincent ChengNew upstream stable release; also fix FTBFS on alpha
2013-06-28 Vincent ChengRevert 80a5f6f; dh_pysupport is needed, otherwise wesno...
2013-06-28 Vincent ChengDepend on fonts-dejavu-core (instead of transitional...
2013-06-28 Vincent ChengRemove deprecated dh_pysupport call from d/rules
2013-06-26 Vincent ChengFix vcs-field-not-canonical
2013-05-21 Vincent ChengFully enable build hardening
2013-05-21 Vincent ChengBump to Standards-Version 3.9.4.
2013-05-06 Vincent ChengUpload to unstable debian/1.10.6-2
2013-05-06 Vincent ChengMerge experimental branch into unstable
2012-11-23 Vincent ChengFinalize changelog (update the timestamp) debian/1.10.3-3
2012-11-19 Vincent Chengrevert wesnoth-core and add corresponding postinst...
2012-11-19 Gerfried Fuchsalso revert for wesnoth-music, and use already existing...
2 hours ago debian/1.11.16-1 Debian release 1:1.11.16-1
6 weeks ago ubuntu/1.11.15-1_ppa1_utopic1 Uploaded to my PPA
6 weeks ago ubuntu/1.11.15-1_ppa1_trusty1 Uploaded to my PPA
6 weeks ago ubuntu/1.11.15-1_ppa1_saucy1 Uploaded to my PPA
6 weeks ago ubuntu/1.11.15-1_ppa1_precise1 Uploaded to my PPA
6 weeks ago ubuntu/1.11.15-1_ppa1_lucid1 Uploaded to my PPA
2 months ago debian/1.11.15-1 Debian release 1:1.11.15-1
3 months ago debian/1.11.13-1 Debian release 1:1.11.13-1
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.12-1_ppa1_trusty1 upload to wesnoth-devel PPA
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.12-1_ppa1_lucid1 upload to wesnoth-devel PPA
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.12-1_ppa1_precise1 upload to wesnoth-devel PPA
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.12-1_ppa1_quantal1 upload to wesnoth-devel PPA
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.12-1_ppa1_saucy1 upload to wesnoth-devel PPA
4 months ago debian/1.11.12-1 Debian release 1:1.11.12-1
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.11-1_ppa1_precise1 Uploaded to my PPA
4 months ago ubuntu/1.11.11-1_ppa1_lucid1 Uploaded to my PPA
2 hours ago devel
6 weeks ago utopic-ppa
6 weeks ago trusty-ppa
6 weeks ago saucy-ppa
6 weeks ago precise-ppa
6 weeks ago lucid-ppa
4 months ago quantal-ppa
5 months ago raring-ppa
5 months ago master
14 months ago wheezy-backports
16 months ago experimental
17 months ago lucid-backports
17 months ago oneiric-backports
17 months ago precise-backports
17 months ago quantal-backports
17 months ago oneiric-ppa