ownerC.J. Adams-Collier
last changeSun, 30 Jun 2013 02:17:52 +0000 (04:17 +0200)
2013-06-30 Carlos Martín... Don't depend on perl-doc master
2011-06-08 Julian Taylorset debian branch to master
2011-06-08 Iain LaneMerge branch 'squeeze'
2010-12-06 Jo ShieldsFinalize changelog squeeze debian/20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-3
2010-12-04 Iain LaneUpdate changelog
2010-12-04 Iain LaneAdd gbp.conf for this branch
2010-12-04 Iain Lanedebian/ipy: Set $IRONPYTHONPATH in a secure way
2010-04-01 C.J. Adams... incremented debian release number
2010-04-01 C.J. Adams... generalized install paths to work with new .dll list
2010-04-01 C.J. Adams... added -X:TabCompletion to ir wrapper script
2010-03-24 C.J. Adams... changed Suggests from python2.6-minimal to python2...
2010-03-22 C.J. Adams... altered whitespace in order to make lint happy
2010-03-18 C.J. Adams... removed Lib directory from ironpython.install file... debian/20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-2
2010-03-17 C.J. Adams... updated changelog
2010-03-17 C.J. Adams... passing -X:TabCompletion argument so that ^D<enter...
2010-03-17 C.J. Adams... * modified IRONPYTHONPATH to include the python standar...
3 years ago debian/20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-3 Debian release 20090805+git.e6b28d2...
4 years ago debian/20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-2 Debian release 20090805+git.e6b28d2...
4 years ago debian/20090805+git.e6b28d27+dfsg-1 Debian release 20090805+git.e6b28d2...
4 years ago debian/0.9.0+dfsg-1 Debian release 0.9.0+dfsg-1
4 years ago upstream/0.9.0+dfsg Upstream version 0.9.0+dfsg
9 months ago master
3 years ago squeeze
4 years ago pristine-tar
4 years ago upstream
4 years ago ironpython