descriptionBOINC packaging
ownerFrank S. Thomas
last changeMon, 21 Jul 2014 10:01:20 +0000 (12:01 +0200)
8 days ago Gianfranco... Another upload, now we really remove .o files from... master debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp2
11 days ago Gianfranco... Upload to experimental debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp1
11 days ago Gianfranco... Another upload, fixing lintian errors debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3
12 days ago Gianfranco... Upload to experimental debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2exp1
12 days ago Gianfranco... Upload to unstable debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2
12 days ago Steffen MoellerMoving ati and nvidia stuff to Recommended
2014-07-09 Gianfranco... Tweak changelog
2014-07-09 Gianfranco... Moving another 2.8 to 3.0 for dbg package (thanks Danilo!)
2014-07-08 Gianfranco... Commit cr-lf in po file
2014-07-08 Gianfranco... Fixup previous commit
2014-07-08 mdtAdded licudart as requested by for libcuda...
2014-07-04 Gianfranco... Fix previous commit, the correct package name is libwxg...
2014-07-04 mdtSome small changes.
2014-07-04 Gianfranco... Removed old wheezy warning, since the new wxwidgets3...
2014-07-04 Gianfranco... Tweak changelog
2014-07-04 mdtdebian/
8 days ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp2 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
11 days ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
11 days ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-3
12 days ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
12 days ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-2
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-1
4 weeks ago upstream/7.4.8+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.8+dfsg
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.7+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.7+dfsg...
4 weeks ago upstream/7.4.7+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.7+dfsg
6 weeks ago debian/7.4.1+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.1+dfsg...
6 weeks ago upstream/7.4.1+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.1+dfsg
8 weeks ago debian/7.3.19+dfsg-3exp1 boinc Debian release 7.3.19+dfsg...
8 weeks ago debian/7.3.19+dfsg-3 boinc Debian release 7.3.19+dfsg-3
8 weeks ago debian/7.3.19+dfsg-2 boinc Debian release 7.3.19+dfsg-2
8 weeks ago debian/7.3.19+dfsg-2exp1 boinc Debian release 7.3.19+dfsg...
8 days ago master
4 weeks ago pristine-tar
4 weeks ago upstream
2 months ago wheezy-2
12 months ago wheezy
16 months ago debian-folder-release
18 months ago debian-folder-HEAD
22 months ago backports/squeeze
3 years ago SZTAKI
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4 years ago debian/backports/jaunty
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