descriptionBOINC packaging
ownerFrank S. Thomas
last changeWed, 13 Aug 2014 18:37:39 +0000 (20:37 +0200)
8 days ago Gianfranco... And experimental again master debian/7.4.14+dfsg-1exp1
9 days ago Gianfranco... Update changelog, upload to unstable debian/7.4.14+dfsg-1
9 days ago Gianfranco... Use autoreconf
9 days ago Gianfranco... Removing the config.{sub,guess} copy, it is addressed...
9 days ago Gianfranco... Move dh_install at the end of the override
9 days ago Gianfranco... Remove some old commented code
9 days ago Gianfranco... Remove old gcc < 4.8 workaround (flto flag), now backpo...
9 days ago Gianfranco... Remove old hardening workaround, should be addressed...
9 days ago Gianfranco... disable dynamic-libboinc patch
9 days ago Gianfranco... Fix typo in, remove parallel-build patch...
9 days ago Gianfranco... Merge tag 'upstream/7.4.14+dfsg'
9 days ago Gianfranco... Imported Upstream version 7.4.14+dfsg upstream upstream/7.4.14+dfsg
2014-08-05 Gianfranco... Another experimental upload, with parallel building... debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp3
2014-07-21 Gianfranco... Another upload, now we really remove .o files from... debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp2
2014-07-18 Gianfranco... Upload to experimental debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp1
2014-07-18 Gianfranco... Another upload, fixing lintian errors debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3
8 days ago debian/7.4.14+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.14+dfsg...
9 days ago debian/7.4.14+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.4.14+dfsg-1
9 days ago upstream/7.4.14+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.14+dfsg
2 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp3 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp2 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
4 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-3 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-3
5 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
5 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-2 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-2
7 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg...
7 weeks ago debian/7.4.8+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.4.8+dfsg-1
7 weeks ago upstream/7.4.8+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.8+dfsg
7 weeks ago debian/7.4.7+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.7+dfsg...
7 weeks ago upstream/7.4.7+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.7+dfsg
2 months ago debian/7.4.1+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.4.1+dfsg...
2 months ago upstream/7.4.1+dfsg Upstream version 7.4.1+dfsg
8 days ago master
9 days ago pristine-tar
9 days ago upstream
3 months ago wheezy-2
13 months ago wheezy
17 months ago debian-folder-release
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