descriptionBOINC packaging
ownerFrank S. Thomas
last changeSun, 6 Apr 2014 00:47:02 +0000 (20:47 -0400)
11 days ago Guo Yixuanmerged 7.2.47 master
11 days ago Guo YixuanMerge tag 'upstream/7.2.47+dfsg'
11 days ago Guo YixuanImported Upstream version 7.2.47+dfsg upstream upstream/7.2.47+dfsg
11 days ago Guo Yixuanmerged 7.2.44+dfsg
11 days ago Guo YixuanMerge tag 'upstream/7.2.44+dfsg'
11 days ago Guo Yixuanchangelog for 7.2.43
11 days ago Guo YixuanImported Upstream version 7.2.44+dfsg upstream/7.2.44+dfsg
11 days ago Guo YixuanMerge tag 'upstream/7.2.43+dfsg'
11 days ago Guo YixuanImported Upstream version 7.2.43+dfsg upstream/7.2.43+dfsg
2014-03-01 Gianfranco... New upstream release, patch refresh, upload to unstable debian/7.2.42+dfsg-1
2014-03-01 Gianfranco... Merge tag 'upstream/7.2.42+dfsg'
2014-03-01 Gianfranco... Imported Upstream version 7.2.42+dfsg upstream/7.2.42+dfsg
2014-02-26 Steffen MoellerSimplified changelog.
2014-02-25 Guo Yixuanready to upload debian/7.2.39+dfsg-2
2014-02-25 Guo Yixuanre-added boinc-amd-opencl to sid
2014-02-23 Gianfranco... Added bug reference, fix typo
11 days ago upstream/7.2.47+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.47+dfsg
11 days ago upstream/7.2.44+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.44+dfsg
11 days ago upstream/7.2.43+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.43+dfsg
6 weeks ago debian/7.2.42+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.2.42+dfsg-1
6 weeks ago upstream/7.2.42+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.42+dfsg
7 weeks ago debian/7.2.39+dfsg-2 Debian release 7.2.39+dfsg-2
8 weeks ago debian/7.2.39+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.2.39+dfsg-1
8 weeks ago upstream/7.2.39+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.39+dfsg
4 months ago debian/7.2.33+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.2.33+dfsg...
4 months ago debian/7.2.33+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.2.33+dfsg-1
4 months ago upstream/7.2.33+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.33+dfsg
5 months ago debian/7.2.28+dfsg-1exp1 boinc Debian release 7.2.28+dfsg...
5 months ago debian/7.2.28+dfsg-1 boinc Debian release 7.2.28+dfsg-1
5 months ago upstream/7.2.28+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.28+dfsg
5 months ago upstream/7.2.27+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.27+dfsg
6 months ago upstream/7.2.22+dfsg Upstream version 7.2.22+dfsg
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11 days ago pristine-tar
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