7 days ago Holger Levsenpiuparts.py: Add /etc/init/startpar-bridge.conf to... develop
8 days ago Holger LevsenSwitch ubuntu default to 'trusty'. (Closes: #744848)
9 days ago Holger Levsenpiuparts.1.txt: explain that --do-not-verify-signatures...
2014-03-02 David Steeleindex.tpl: Placekeeper announce of summary.json
2014-03-02 David Steelechangelog: Entry for summary.json
2014-03-02 David Steelepkgsummary.py: tooltip() routing for DDPO
2014-03-02 David SteeleAdd blocking count to the JSON summary format
2014-03-02 David Steelepiuparts-report.py: generate_global_summary()
2014-03-02 David Steelepkgsummary.py: Add support for global merge
2014-03-02 David Steelepiuparts-report.py: Section-level summary support
2014-03-02 David Steelepkgsummary.py: Initial checkin for pkg summaries
2014-03-02 David SteeleREADME_server.txt: Add reporting-section
2014-03-02 David Steelepiuparts-report: Minor rework of main loop
2014-02-22 Andreas Beckmannp-r: update_tpl(): do not create .tpl file
2014-02-22 Andreas Beckmannp-r: don't build the list of unknown failures
2014-02-22 Andreas Beckmannknown_problems: add dummy unclassified_failures.conf
2014-02-22 Andreas Beckmanndwke: classify unclassified failures as unclassified_fa...
2014-02-22 Andreas Beckmanndwke: write all content to a .kpr at once
2014-02-20 Andreas Beckmannp-r: dwke report: compute logpath, don't lookup
2014-02-20 Andreas Beckmannp-r: use get_source()
2014-02-20 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: add PackagesDB.get_source(name) method
2014-02-20 Andreas Beckmannp-r: use source_subdir() instead of pts_subdir()
2014-02-18 Holger Levsenamend 831250ba: Adapt and rename conf/piuparts.apache...
2014-02-18 Holger Levsencleanup TODO, #696093 has been closed ('use distro...
2014-02-17 Holger Levsenadd debian/changelog entries
2014-02-17 Holger LevsenAdapt and rename conf/piuparts.apache to piuparts-conf...
2014-02-17 Holger Levsencleanup TODO, this has been implemented to fix #735907
2014-02-17 Holger Levsencustom-scripts: add debugging output for resolvconf...
2014-02-17 Holger LevsenTODO: explain how to simplify find_default_debian_mirrors()
2014-02-17 Holger Levsenpiuparts.py: ignore multiarch definition in_default_deb...
2014-02-17 Holger Levsencleanup TODO
2014-02-16 Andreas Beckmannmention addition of get_version(package_name)
2014-02-16 Andreas Beckmannp-r: fix typo preventing unknown_inadequate_issue report
2014-02-14 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: PackagesDB: add get_version(package_name) method
2014-02-14 Holger Levsendebian/copyright: update years.
2014-02-14 Holger LevsenNothing really yet. Added a comment...
2014-02-14 Holger Levsenrelease as 0.57 master 0.57
2014-02-14 Andreas Beckmannnew known_problem for piuparts-depends-dummy.deb problems
2014-02-14 Andreas Beckmannp-r: run dwke .tpl generation after archiving obsolete...
2014-02-12 Andreas Beckmannp-r: archive outdated logfiles even if the current...
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmanndwke: remove reporting part, integrated into piuparts...
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannp-r: integrate .tpl generation from dwke
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannp-r: import the reporting part from dwke
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmanndwke: move classes Problem and FailureManager to piupar...
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannreinstall affected packages after purging localepurge
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: order logs by time waiting for recycling
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: prefer recycling previously failing logs
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: use a tuple for the weight
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannadd several debug commands to the master-slave protocol
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: factor out _get_package_weight()
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannreorganize Matthias' changelog entry
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannreport dkms module build failures
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmann*-dkms: install kernel headers so that a module gets...
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmanndivert /sbin/sync and link /bin/true there instead
2014-02-10 Andreas Beckmannautodetect dpkg capability force-unsafe-io
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: LogDB: add stat() method
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmannp.conf.pejacevic: tune rescheduling settings
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmanndon't pass package objects to rrdep accessors
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: rrdep accessors: use name lookup
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmanndwke: do not create unused filedicts
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmanndwke: switch from print to logging
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmanndwke: prepare switching to logging
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmanndwke: restrict processing to sections passed on the...
2014-02-09 Andreas Beckmannp-r: restrict processing to sections passed on the...
2014-02-08 Andreas Beckmannp: check the status of the packages after installing...
2014-02-08 Andreas Beckmannp: add is_installed() method
2014-02-08 Andreas Beckmannp-m: log connect/disconnect with timestamp
2014-02-08 Holger Levsenreschedule packages also on testing2sid
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmannp: factor out an unqualify() routine
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmanndrupal7-mod-* needs mysql for installation
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmannenable foreign arch i386 for lib32nss-mdns
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmannchangelog and other minor cleanups, copyright bumps
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmannp: piuparts-depends-dummy.deb: exclude Provides from...
2014-01-30 Andreas Beckmannp: split() + strip() Depends/Conflicts used as input...
2014-01-28 Andreas Beckmannp: create piuparts-depends-dummy.deb with gzip compression
2014-01-27 Holger Levsenrevert 3176cd3f and hope anbe provides a proper fix...
2014-01-27 Holger Levsenclean Matthias's changelog
2014-01-27 Matthias Schmitzd/changelog: Document changes
2014-01-27 Matthias Schmitzunittests: Add tests/README
2014-01-27 Matthias Schmitzpiuparts.py: Add unittest for DefaultsFactory / Defaults
2014-01-27 Matthias Schmitzpiuparts.py: Move unittests to the tests/ directory
2014-01-25 Holger Levsenpiuparts.py: Report adequate version used.
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannp: ignore backup files from base-passwd
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannp-m,p-r: use load_alternate_versions_from_packages_urls()
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: load_alternate_versions_from_packages_urls...
2014-01-21 Holger Levsenpiuparts.py: Check the installation status of the packa...
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannupdate essential-required list for experimental
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannp-r: mark essential-required as obsolete
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: test essential-required packages like regular...
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: get_best_package_state(): consider providers...
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannlib/db: _compute_package_state(): compute dep_states...
2014-01-21 Andreas Beckmannscripts-leftovers: preseed pluxml cleanup during purge
2014-01-11 Holger LevsenCleanup TODO and make changelog more verbose.
2014-01-11 Matthias SchmitzEnable unittests during package build
2014-01-11 Holger Levsenadd changelog entry for Matthias
2014-01-10 Matthias SchmitzRearrange old unittests.py; Use nosetests
2014-01-10 Holger Levsenadd changelog entry for Ivo
2014-01-10 Ivo De Deckeruse source info from final_distro for logging
2013-12-16 Holger Levsenrelease as 0.56 to sid 0.56
2013-12-13 Holger Levsenfix typo