descriptionDebian NM Front Desk web application
ownerEnrico Zini
last changeThu, 17 Jul 2014 21:35:08 +0000 (23:35 +0200)
2014-07-17 Jan Dittbernerspecial treatment for prog_poll_sent, cleanup ammain master
2014-07-17 Jan Dittbernerupdate README to reflect reality
2014-06-09 Jan Dittbernerchange SubmitContributors
2014-06-09 Jan DittbernerPEP-8 cleanup, fix inconsistency logging
2014-05-17 Enrico ZiniUse housekeeping's outdir
2014-05-05 Enrico ZiniPorted to django_housekeeping
2014-04-30 Enrico ZiniAdded admin link in fix_person
2014-04-30 Enrico ZiniFixed format string
2014-02-19 Enrico ZiniNew login link
2014-02-19 Enrico ZiniReenabled auth access and added logout helper
2014-02-18 Enrico ZiniDisabled auth access
2014-02-15 Enrico ZiniBreak it more aggressively
2014-02-15 Enrico ZiniLock away alioth accounts until we are ready
2014-02-15 Enrico ZiniRun grant commands on deploy
2014-02-15 Enrico ZiniRemoved old workaround from wsgi file: now DACS strips...
2014-02-14 Enrico ZiniNew logout/login urls
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