descriptionwanna-build: buildd coordination software
last changeMon, 21 Apr 2014 15:17:57 +0000 (15:17 +0000)
2 days ago Andreas BarthUse YAML::XS for reading in dose results (to save memory) master
5 days ago Andreas BarthDon't set packages in Not-For-Us to Installed
10 days ago Andreas Barthremove arch-all-only-packages from the database
11 days ago Andreas BarthAuto-Not-For-Us overwrites Failed Failed-Removed Dep...
11 days ago Andreas Barthupdate per-packages notes with uncompiled / out-of...
11 days ago Andreas Barth+ eberlin
11 days ago Philipp Kerntriggers: add squeeze-lts
2014-03-31 Colin WatsonAdd distributions.mail_logs to main-tables.sql
2014-03-31 Colin WatsonStop using smartmatch
2014-03-31 Colin WatsonStop using defined(@array)
2014-01-31 Andreas Barthadd argos and zani
2014-01-31 Andreas Barthremove ia64 from testing
2013-11-23 Philipp KernDrop s390 from testing and sid.
2013-10-02 Colin WatsonIn the presence of depwaits, the same source package...
2013-09-23 Colin WatsonDie if dose-builddebcheck returned an error.
2013-09-23 Colin WatsonConvert to dose-builddebcheck
2 days ago master
4 years ago postgresql
4 years ago edos-debcheck