Refer to git repository, replacing the old svn repository
[kernel-handbook/kernel-handbook.git] / chapter-common-tasks.sgml
2011-06-05 Karl GoetzReword a few paragraphs in common-tasks chapter
2011-05-17 Ben HutchingsExplain how to build a linux-headers-common package
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsMove 'simplified patching and building' instructions up
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsExplain how to override official kernel configuration...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsFix procedure for applying extra patches
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsMention the current need to build linux-base after...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsFix makefile for setup target
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsSplit and reorder 'Rebuilding an official Debian kernel...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsAdd command to install devscripts before running test...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsDocument the new test-patches script
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsDocument use of with a git repository
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsCorrect instructions for switching to new upstream...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsCorrect targets and build directory names for selective...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsRefer consistently to featuresets, not subarchitectures
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsRefer to make deb-pkg, not make-kpkg
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsMove instructions for building from svn into a separate...
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsMerge r35 from the lenny branch
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsMerge r34 from the lenny branch
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsBegin merging from lenny branch
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsAdd instructions for building from svn
2011-04-30 Ben HutchingsReplace 'major' variable with literal '2.6'
2008-08-09 Jurij SmakovFixed typos pointed out by Tim Phipps and Bettadapura... 1.0.2
2007-04-10 maximilian attemsdocument how to create a gen orig tarball
2006-12-31 Jurij SmakovFinished updating common tasks.