descriptionGit repository for website cron scripts
ownerGerfried Fuchs
last changeFri, 7 Mar 2014 12:08:27 +0000 (09:08 -0300)
2014-03-07 Paul WiseAllow https sites that moved to SSL mafia certificates master
2014-02-08 Osamu Aokidebian-reference + maint-guide
2014-02-07 Osamu Aokidebian-policy: no more gz files
2013-11-25 David PrévotAlso install debian-java-faq from java-common
2013-11-10 David PrévotAdd a workaround for #729194
2013-07-30 Paul Wisewiki.d.o uses a non-Debian CA now so it is fine to...
2013-07-13 David PrévotRevert "temporarily stop the tidy mail"
2013-07-13 David PrévotAdd a workaround for #716848
2013-06-26 David PrévotAdd tarball of HTML version of the policy
2013-06-25 David Prévottemporarily stop the tidy mail
2013-05-16 David PrévotPublish epub files from dev-ref
2013-04-29 Simon PaillardCall static-update-components with a correct path
2013-04-26 Peter PalfraderCall static-update-components before the mirror trigger
2013-02-15 Olivier BergerDon't display the QA page link if no email set
2013-02-15 Olivier BergerUse one rule for all single-named maintainers
2013-01-20 Paul WiseDon't warn about files that got deleted by this commit
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