descriptionTANGO distributed control system.
ownerFrédéric-Emmanuel Picca
last changeThu, 6 Mar 2014 20:06:34 +0000 (21:06 +0100)
2014-03-06 Picca Frédéric... prepare for release master debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-4
2014-03-06 Picca Frédéric... use variables to set the tango user and group
2014-02-06 Picca Frédéric... use the upstream versionfor the mysql update
2014-02-06 Picca Frédéric... apply the p812_3 upstream patch
2013-11-25 Picca Frédéric... fix upstream p812_2 bpo-wheezy debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-3
2013-11-13 Picca Frédéric... repare for release debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-2
2013-11-13 Picca Frédéric... fix the FTBFS on sparc64 (Closes: #729163) thanks Aurel...
2013-11-13 Picca Frédéric... fix for real the build on ubuntu (mismatch between...
2013-09-03 Picca Frédéric... add the p812_1 upstream patch debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-1
2013-09-03 Picca Frédéric... update the changelog with the new upstream version
2013-09-03 Picca Frédéric... Merge tag 'upstream/8.1.2c+dfsg'
2013-09-03 Picca Frédéric... Imported Upstream version 8.1.2c+dfsg upstream/8.1.2c+dfsg
2013-09-03 Picca Frédéric... now sources are hosted on sourceforge
2013-09-02 Picca Frédéric... add Brazilian Portuguese, Adriano Rafael Gomes (Closes...
2013-07-21 Picca Frédéric... prepare for release debian/8.1.2b+dfsg-1
2013-07-21 Picca Frédéric... Merge tag 'upstream/8.1.2b+dfsg'
5 weeks ago debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-4 tango Debian release 8.1.2c+dfsg-4
4 months ago debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-3 tango Debian release 8.1.2c+dfsg-3
5 months ago debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-2 tango Debian release 8.1.2c+dfsg-2
7 months ago debian/8.1.2c+dfsg-1 tango Debian release 8.1.2c+dfsg-1
7 months ago upstream/8.1.2c+dfsg Upstream version 8.1.2c+dfsg
8 months ago debian/8.1.2b+dfsg-1 tango Debian release 8.1.2b+dfsg-1
8 months ago upstream/8.1.2b+dfsg Upstream version 8.1.2b+dfsg
9 months ago upstream/8.1.2a+dfsg Upstream version 8.1.2a+dfsg
9 months ago upstream/8.1.2+dfsg Upstream version 8.1.2+dfsg
10 months ago debian/8.0.5+dfsg-3 tango Debian release 8.0.5+dfsg-3
11 months ago debian/8.0.5+dfsg-2 tango Debian release 8.0.5+dfsg-2
12 months ago debian/8.0.5+dfsg-1 tango Debian release 8.0.5+dfsg-1
12 months ago upstream/8.0.5+dfsg Upstream version 8.0.5+dfsg
19 months ago debian/7.2.6+dfsg-14 Debian release 7.2.6+dfsg-14
2 years ago debian/7.2.6+dfsg-13 Debian release 7.2.6+dfsg-13
2 years ago debian/7.2.6+dfsg-12 Debian release 7.2.6+dfsg-12
5 weeks ago master
4 months ago bpo-wheezy
9 months ago upstream
9 months ago pristine-tar
10 months ago patch-queue/master
3 years ago dfsg_clean
4 years ago features/fix_libtango_compilation
4 years ago debian/fix_database_scripts
4 years ago debian/