descriptionPackaging for ratpoints
ownerTobias Hansen
last changeSun, 15 Sep 2013 14:15:34 +0000 (16:15 +0200)
2013-09-15 Tobias HansenAdd debian/gdb.conf to set pristine-tar=True. master
2013-07-28 Tobias HansenMake Vcs-* fields canonical. debian/2.1.3+dfsg-2
2013-07-28 Tobias HansenRemove unused lintian override.
2013-07-28 Tobias HansenUpdate changelog.
2013-07-28 Tobias HansenFix build after GMP changed location of its header...
2013-06-09 Tobias HansenFix package short descriptions.
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenCreate README.Debian. debian/2.1.3+dfsg-1
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenHandle some lintian warnings.
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenAdd license paragraphs for Artistic and GPL-1+.
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenUse the release number instead of a soname for library...
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenMerge tag 'upstream/2.1.3+dfsg'
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenImported Upstream version 2.1.3+dfsg upstream upstream/2.1.3+dfsg
2013-06-05 Tobias HansenRepack tarball to remove non-free documentation.
2013-05-25 Tobias HansenPrepare changelog for release.
2013-03-26 Tobias HansenDisable silent building.
2013-03-26 Tobias HansenAdd multiarch fields to debian/control.
7 months ago debian/2.1.3+dfsg-2 ratpoints Debian release 2.1.3...
10 months ago debian/2.1.3+dfsg-1 Debian release 2.1.3+dfsg-1
10 months ago upstream/2.1.3+dfsg Upstream version 2.1.3+dfsg
16 months ago upstream/2.1.3 Upstream version 2.1.3
7 months ago master
10 months ago pristine-tar
10 months ago upstream