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ownerGhislain Vaillant
last changeMon, 7 Apr 2014 17:45:43 +0000 (18:45 +0100)
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/rules: remove unused doc package var master
2014-04-07 Ghislain VaillantMerge tag 'upstream/0.9.2+dfsg'
2014-04-07 Ghislain VaillantImported Upstream version 0.9.2+dfsg upstream upstream/0.9.2+dfsg
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: change commit layout
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/changelog: change version due to repack
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/watch: add version mangle for repack
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: repack due to sourceless doc
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantremove debian files for doc packaging
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/rules: remove install doc rule
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/control: remove -doc package for now
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/rules: remove useless cleaning override
2014-04-07 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: fix lintian warnings on licensing
2014-03-31 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: typo fix
2014-03-30 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: add licensing for sphinx doc files
2014-03-14 Ghislain Vaillantd/copyright: switch licensing from GPL-3 to GPL-3+
2014-03-13 Andreas TilleUpload to unstable (=new) debian/0.9.2-1
2 weeks ago upstream/0.9.2+dfsg Upstream version 0.9.2+dfsg
6 weeks ago debian/0.9.2-1
5 months ago upstream/0.9.2 Upstream version 0.9.2
2 weeks ago master
2 weeks ago pristine-tar
2 weeks ago upstream