descriptionPackage for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes
ownerJulien Puydt
last changeSun, 15 Sep 2013 13:48:38 +0000 (15:48 +0200)
2013-09-15 Julien PuydtMake the use of pristine-tar explicit master
2013-09-15 Julien PuydtFixing the manpages so they have correct whatis entries debian/2.1-2
2013-09-15 Julien PuydtFixed the Vcs-* fields so they appear canonical
2013-09-15 Julien PuydtFixed the d/ch message, and updating for a push in...
2013-07-05 Julien PuydtUpdated the debian changelog to the latest changes
2013-07-05 Julien PuydtModified the manpages cope with the different variants
2013-07-05 Julien PuydtBuild four different versions of the executables and...
2013-05-08 Andreas TilleUpload to unstable debian/2.1 debian/2.1-1
2013-05-08 Julien PuydtMade lintian happy with debian/control
2013-05-08 Julien PuydtAdded a debian/upstream
2013-05-08 Julien PuydtMade the package's long description more verbose
2013-05-08 Julien PuydtAdded the email of the upstream contact to d/copyright
2013-05-08 Julien PuydtMade it clear it is unreleased yet in dch
2013-03-27 Julien PuydtBuild with POLY_Dmax=11 since sage needs that much
2013-03-27 Julien PuydtRemove useless lines as the packaging uses dh
2013-03-27 Julien PuydtDisable silent rules so the log is more readable
11 months ago debian/2.1-2 palp Debian release 2.1-2
15 months ago debian/2.1
15 months ago debian/2.1-1
2 years ago upstream/2.1 Upstream version 2.1
11 months ago master
2 years ago pristine-tar
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