descriptionmultiprecision integer library forked from gmp
ownerfelix salfelder
last changeWed, 15 May 2013 20:36:51 +0000 (22:36 +0200)
2013-05-15 Felix Salfelderreconstruct mpir-2.6.0.tbz2 to make dpkg-source happy upstream upstream/2.6.0
2012-11-10 gladmanexport a few more DLL symbols on Windows (needed by... mpir-2.6.0
2012-11-10 gladmanadd cxx files to windows command line build for DLLs
2012-11-09 gladmanremove redundant FFT tune Visual Studio project
2012-11-09 gladmanremove redundant FFT tune Visual Studio project
2012-11-08 wbhartan autoreconf -i again.
2012-11-08 wbhartChange CFLAGS in another location.
2012-11-08 wbhartRan autoconf -i.
2012-11-08 wbhartCorrected a typo in manual.
2012-11-08 wbhartChanged default gcc flags to -O2 to avoid multitudinous...
2012-11-07 wbhartunsigned long => mpir_ui, long => mpir_si in docs.
2012-10-29 gladmanadd section on the handling of long integers on Windows x64
2012-10-29 gladmanchange 'unsigned long' to 'mpir_ui' in function declaration
2012-10-29 wbhartFixed some bugs in which were causing test...
2012-10-25 wbhartCopied final tuning params across from *nix.
2012-10-25 wbhartUpdated authors and contributors.
14 months ago upstream/2.6.0
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3 years ago mpir-2.3.0
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