descriptiongfan: Program for computing with Groebner fans
ownerLifeng Sun
last changeTue, 18 Feb 2014 10:37:26 +0000 (11:37 +0100)
2014-02-18 Andreas TilleMissing space separating yaml key and value; make sure... master
2013-09-23 Cédric Boutillierfix a range error causing segfault on powerpc debian/0.5+dfsg-4
2013-07-09 Cédric Boutillierupdate changelog debian/0.5+dfsg-3
2013-07-09 Cédric Boutillierput empty command in 0009 test instead of deleting it
2013-07-09 Cédric Boutillierremove lintian override about spelling error
2013-03-14 Cédric Boutillierupdate changelog and prepare upload debian/0.5+dfsg-2
2013-03-14 Cédric Boutillieradd upstream information in debian/upstream
2013-03-14 Cédric Boutillieradd remove_failing_tests_on_32bits.patch to circumvent...
2013-02-17 Cédric Boutillierincorporate/acknowledge NMU
2013-02-17 Cédric Boutillierset priority to extra
2013-02-16 Cédric Boutillieravoid repetition of flags debian/0.5+dfsg-1
2013-02-16 Cédric Boutillierupdate changelog
2013-02-16 Cédric Boutillierput versioning on libcdd-dev to pick the version in...
2013-02-16 Cédric Boutillierimproved manual page
2013-02-16 Cédric Boutillieroverride lintian message about missing upstream changel...
2013-02-03 Cédric Boutillier[patch] fix some spelling errors in displayed messages...
10 months ago debian/0.5+dfsg-4 gfan Debian release 0.5+dfsg-4
12 months ago debian/0.5+dfsg-3 gfan Debian release 0.5+dfsg-3
12 months ago debian/0.5+dfsg-2 gfan Debian release 0.5+dfsg-2
17 months ago debian/0.5+dfsg-1
18 months ago upstream/0.5+dfsg
18 months ago upstream/0.5 Upstream version 0.5
2 years ago debian/0.3dfsg-1 Debian release 0.3dfsg-1
2 years ago upstream/0.3dfsg Upstream version 0.3dfsg
5 months ago master
18 months ago pristine-tar
18 months ago dfsg_clean
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