descriptionPackaging for flint
ownerfelix salfelder
last changeThu, 14 Aug 2014 11:26:11 +0000 (13:26 +0200)
6 days ago Julien PuydtCompleted d/copyright as instructed by Thorsten Alteholz master
7 days ago Tobias HansenDelete flint-manual.pdf with d/rules clean. debian/2.4.4-1
7 days ago Tobias HansenUpdate changelog.
9 days ago Julien Puydtmerge patched into master
9 days ago Jannis HarderMake fmpz_invmod behave like mpz_invert
9 days ago Julien PuydtRevert "Use a better patch to handle GMP >= 6"
10 days ago Julien PuydtAdded the d/ch entries from the NMUs and rewrote the...
10 days ago Tobias HansenUse the standard name for BSD-2-clause in d/copyright.
11 days ago Julien PuydtUse a better patch to handle GMP >= 6
11 days ago Julien PuydtBuild the doc and ship it in the libflint-doc package
11 days ago Julien PuydtInstall CPimport.txt at the right place
11 days ago Julien PuydtUpdated d/ch
11 days ago Julien PuydtRewrote d/copyright
11 days ago Julien PuydtPutting myself in the Uploaders field
11 days ago Julien PuydtTidy up d/ch
12 days ago Tobias HansenDetermine version from changelog in d/rules.
7 days ago debian/2.4.4-1 flint Debian release 2.4.4-1
21 months ago upstream/2.3
6 days ago master
8 weeks ago pristine-tar
2 months ago upstream
11 months ago master-gmp
11 months ago tmp