descriptionOriginal version of the "britney" testing migration scripts ("britney1")
last changeWed, 30 Apr 2014 19:28:20 +0000 (19:28 +0000)
2014-04-30 Adam D. Barrattfauxpkg: remove console-tools from noremove.d/d-i.list master
2014-03-31 Adam D. Barrattfauxpkg: remove colo, which is no longer in the archive
2014-03-11 Adam D. Barrattfauxpkg: replace uboot-mkimage with u-boot-tools in...
2014-01-12 Niels Thykierbritney: Always compress HeidiResult file
2014-01-12 Niels ThykierRemove the britney implementation - no longer used
2014-01-12 Niels Thykierbritney: Remove code for handling britney1
2013-11-23 Mehdi DogguyRemove {faux-,}ia32-libs* packages from FauxPackages
2013-10-14 Julien Cristaufauxpkg: replace s390 with s390x
2013-09-08 Julien Cristaufauxpkg: add oracle-instantclient12.1-basic
2013-07-28 Adam D. Barrattbritney: replace database retrieval of arch list with...
2013-07-06 Adam D. BarrattDisable the DD-mirror sync
2013-06-12 Adam D. Barrattbritney: fetch packages lists for proposed-updates
2013-01-17 Adam D. BarrattUse per-year archives for update_{excuses,output}
2012-11-28 Adam D. BarrattFauxPackages: ensure co-installability of ia32-libs...
2012-11-28 Adam D. BarrattFauxPackages: add fake amd64 packages for ia32-libs...
2012-09-19 Adam D. BarrattFaux packages: remove loop-aes-utils from noremove...
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