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ownerShaun Jackman
last changeMon, 17 Mar 2014 20:18:39 +0000 (21:18 +0100)
2014-03-17 Andreas TilleUpload to unstable master debian/2.3.14+dfsg-2
2014-03-17 Andreas TilleAdd missing default-jdk in Build-Depends and use $...
2014-03-17 Andreas Tillecme fix dpkg-control
2014-03-17 Andreas Tille(Build-)Depends: libcofoja-java
2014-02-23 James McCoyMove debian/upstream to debian/upstream/metadata
2013-09-13 Olivier Sallouupload 2.3.14+dfsg-1 debian/2.3.14+dfsg-1
2013-09-13 Andreas Tillecme fix dpkg-control; debhelper 9
2013-09-13 Andreas TilleRemoved Files: lib/jide* section because it is not...
2013-09-13 Andreas TilleNew upstream version
2013-09-13 Andreas TilleMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.14+dfsg'
2013-09-13 Andreas TilleImported Upstream version 2.3.14+dfsg 2.3.14+dfsg upstream/2.3.14+dfsg
2013-07-25 Olivier Sallouupload release 2.3.12 debian/2.3.12+dfsg-1
2013-07-25 Olivier Sallouincreasestandards version and remove obselete tags
2013-07-25 Olivier Sallounew upstream release 2.3.12
2013-07-25 Olivier SallouMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.12+dfsg'
2013-07-25 Olivier SallouImported Upstream version 2.3.12+dfsg upstream/2.3.12+dfsg
4 weeks ago debian/2.3.14+dfsg-2
7 months ago debian/2.3.14+dfsg-1 igv Debian release 2.3.14+dfsg-1
7 months ago upstream/2.3.14+dfsg new upstream release 2.3.14+dfsg
7 months ago 2.3.14+dfsg new upstream release 2.3.14+dfsg
8 months ago debian/2.3.12+dfsg-1 igv Debian release 2.3.12+dfsg-1
8 months ago upstream/2.3.12+dfsg Upstream version 2.3.12+dfsg
10 months ago debian/2.3.2+dfsg-2 igv Debian release 2.3.2+dfsg-2
11 months ago debian/2.3.2+dfsg-1 igv Debian release 2.3.2+dfsg-1
11 months ago upstream/2.3.2+dfsg Upstream version 2.3.2+dfsg
12 months ago debian/2.2.7+dfsg-1 Debian release 2.2.7+dfsg-1
13 months ago upstream/2.2.7+dfsg Upstream version 2.2.7+dfsg
13 months ago upstream/2.2.6+dfsg+1 Upstream version 2.2.6+dfsg+1
13 months ago upstream/2.2.6+dfsg Upstream version 2.2.6+dfsg
2 years ago upstream/2.0.30 Upstream version 2.0.30
2 years ago debian/2.0.6-1
2 years ago upstream/2.0.6 Upstream version 2.0.6
4 weeks ago pristine-tar
4 weeks ago upstream
4 weeks ago master
2 years ago meta