descriptionSuite of utilities for comparing genomic features.
ownerCharles Plessy
last changeFri, 21 Mar 2014 13:32:52 +0000 (22:32 +0900)
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyMerge branch 'master' into debian/unstable debian/unstable
2014-03-21 arq5x[DOC] add new usage examples from the wild master
2014-03-21 Aaron QuinlanMerge pull request #48 from Debian/suggestion-for-testsuite
2014-03-21 Charles Plessybedtools (2.19.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium debian/2.19.1-1
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyUpdate path, correct license short name.
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyRemoved exception of compression now that test files...
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyCreate autopkgtest testsuite and a new package bedtools...
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyMerge branch 'suggestion-for-testsuite' into debian...
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyAccess data via a DATA variable, allowing to override...
2014-03-21 Charles PlessyCall bedtools via the BT variable, allowing to override...
2014-03-20 arq5xjust peak at first bit in isGzipFile() fix for issue46
2014-03-19 Aaron QuinlanMerge pull request #47 from nkindlon/master
2014-03-18 nkindlonFixed slop bug when slop factor exceeds MAX signed...
2014-03-06 Charles PlessyMerge branch 'debian/unstable' of git+ssh://git.debian...
2014-03-06 Charles PlessyNew upstream release; no new copyright nor license...
2014-03-06 Charles PlessyMerge tag 'v2.19.1' into debian/unstable
4 weeks ago debian/2.19.1-1 bedtools (2.19.1-1) unstable; urgen...
6 weeks ago v2.19.1
2 months ago debian/2.19.0-1 bedtools (2.19.0-1) unstable; urgen...
2 months ago upstream/2.19.0 Upstream version 2.19.0
2 months ago v2.19.0
3 months ago v2.18.2
4 months ago v2.18.1
4 months ago v2.18.0
17 months ago precise-ppa/2.17.0-1_precise1 Debian release 2.17.0-1~precise1
17 months ago meta/2.17.0-1 Build logs for 2.17.0-1.
17 months ago debian/2.17.0-1 bedtools (2.17.0-1) unstable; urgen...
17 months ago upstream/2.17.0 Upstream version 2.17.0
2 years ago upstream/2.16.2 Upstream version 2.16.2
2 years ago lucid-ppa/2.16.1-1_lucid2 Debian release 2.16.1-1~lucid2
2 years ago oneiric-ppa/2.16.1-1_oneiric1 Debian release 2.16.1-1~oneiric1
2 years ago meta/2.16.1-1 Build logs for 2.16.1-1.
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4 weeks ago master
4 weeks ago meta
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