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2012-07-04 Christian PERRIERAdd report from June 2012 i18n sprint in Paris master
2012-06-17 Simon PaillardDiagramm of dl10n interactions
2008-11-08 Nicolas FrançoisFix typos.
2008-11-08 Christian PERRIERMove the report to its final location
2008-11-08 Christian PERRIERFinal version of the report
2008-09-17 Christian PERRIERVERY LATE commit of my (hopefully last) updates. Please...
2008-08-29 Christian PERRIERMore progress
2008-08-25 Christian PERRIERMore additions (unchecked!!)
2008-08-25 Christian PERRIERMor eprogress in the report
2008-08-25 Nicolas FrançoisAdded ideas.
2008-08-25 Nicolas FrançoisFix some typos and FIXMEs.
2008-08-24 Christian PERRIERAdd early version of the Debconf8 report
2008-08-18 Nicolas FrançoisAdded minutes from the debconf8 i18n sessions.
2008-08-14 Felipe Augusto... [reports]: Adding the 'todo' directory with two pending...
2008-08-10 Nicolas FrançoisCreate a directory to store the I18N related reports.
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