descriptionA live-helper based Debian live & installer image for the Eee PC.
ownerBen Armstrong
last changeMon, 27 Dec 2010 11:51:55 +0000 (07:51 -0400)
2010-12-27 Ben ArmstrongFix quoting of auto/config arguments. master
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongRe-enable win32-loader.
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongUpdate Changelog.
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongRemove no longer needed workaround (bug #588863 closed).
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongEnable volume hotkeys, as LXDE has no mappings.
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongInclude volume control in panel and make it easier...
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongSimplify auto/config and balance package selection...
2010-11-12 Ben ArmstrongTake screenshots directly to Desktop.
2010-10-02 Ben ArmstrongUse gdm for now, for consistency with lxde in squeeze
2010-09-20 Ben ArmstrongRefresh auto scripts, trim out win32-loader and add...
2010-08-18 Ben Armstronglive-installer-launcher renamed to debian-installer...
2010-08-18 Ben ArmstrongEnable gui installer; append try-usb to make installer...
2010-08-11 Ben ArmstrongUse tasks for more complete image; explode into our...
2010-08-11 Ben ArmstrongRemove no longer needed repo
2010-08-11 Ben Armstrong~b3 was never released; bump up to 1.1~rc1
2010-08-09 Ben ArmstrongAdd some missing includes from installer-tmp installer
5 years ago 1.0b1 1.0~b1 release
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5 years ago 1.0a6
5 years ago 1.0a5
6 years ago 1.0a4
6 years ago 1.0a3
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