descriptionGit repository for debexpo
last changeThu, 5 Sep 2013 17:38:53 +0000 (19:38 +0200)
2013-09-05 Nicolas DandrimontReword slightly the intro master
2013-09-05 Nicolas DandrimontFix typo on the front page
2013-06-23 Nicolas Dandrimontapt_pkg.VersionCompare -> version_compare
2013-06-22 Simon Chopinimporter: chdir back to the previous cwd when building...
2013-06-11 Nicolas DandrimontMerge branch 'live'
2013-06-10 Nicolas Dandrimontdevel >> /dev/fire
2013-05-05 Arno TöllRemove warning that Wheezy is frozen
2013-05-05 Arno TöllRemove warning that Wheezy is frozen
2013-03-25 Debexpo Live... Make the distribution list a little mode readable
2013-03-02 Debexpo Live... Add a note about the command to export the GPG key
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerImproved tests. They all pass now.
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerFix default public keyring, add 'pubring' argument...
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerFix removal of gpg key.
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerClean code in tests.
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerTest adding and removing a key to/from the public keyring.
2012-11-25 Clément SchreinerFix removal of a gpg key.
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