descriptiond-i babelbox repository
ownerLuca Capello
last changeWed, 7 Nov 2012 17:52:41 +0000 (18:52 +0100)
2012-11-07 Luca Capellobabelbox-grub: be as much generic as possible master
2012-11-07 Luca Capellopreseed.cfg: clock-setup/utc=true
2012-11-07 Luca Capellopreseed.cfg: be consistent with static network configur...
2012-11-07 Luca Capellopreseed.cfg: be consistent with spacing (no tabs)
2012-11-06 Luca Capellopreseed_late: use in-target instead of chroot
2012-11-03 Luca Capello*: be consistent with BabelBox capitalization
2012-11-02 Luca Capellobabelbox-grub: (#395019) partitions in grub2/1.95-1...
2012-11-02 Luca Capellobabelbox-grub: remove installation-specific search...
2012-11-02 Luca Capello*: default to English and US keyboard layout
2012-11-02 Luca Capellolanglist: NEXTLANG is the first entry
2012-11-02 Luca Capellolanglist: [ar_EG] s/Arabig/Arabic/
2012-07-03 Luca Capelloimport babelbox-squeeze.tgz (thanks, tolimar)
2012-07-03 Luca Capelloimport babelbox-lenny.tgz (thanks, fjp)
2012-07-03 Luca Capelloimport babelbox-etch.tgz (thanks, bubulle)
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